Sweetest Sound

Yesterday we went over to Westgate to let Max play in the water fountain.  We got there a tad bit early and Max kept asking for, "wawa?"  He new it should be going, but it wasn't.  Turns out it doesn't start until 10:00 on weekends, not 9:00.  Boo.  Luckily it was beautiful out, and Max entertained himself with his hat.  He would throw it up in the air, kick it, and go run to get it where it landed.  He even made a friend.  A cute little boy named Julian wanted to play.  Max would throw his hat, and Julian would pick it up for him.  They did this a few times.  It was really cute.

When the water started, we heard squeals of excitement.  Max loves the water.  If there was a word that meant more than love, then that's how Max feels about water.  He was brave this time and would go right into the center of the fountain and the water would shoot up all around him.  He used his hat to fill with water and then would put it on his head.  He was a jumping, screaming, water ninja (karate chopping the water) loving kiddo, and I loved watching every minute of his excitement. When we left I was ready for a huge tantrum. Surprisingly he just said, "Bye-bye wawa!" and off we went.  :)

The remainder of the day we hung out at home.  He drew, colored with markers (himself that is), read books (which is the sweetest sound.  He'll sit there on the floor and look at pictures and talk to himself.), read with me (well more like tried to take over the magazine I was looking at.  What's mine is his.), and we watched game 5 of the Stanley Cup.  We would yell at the tv, and Max would run over to us scared.  We apparently get too into the game.

Anyways, I hope you all are having an adventurous weekend!!

Let there be water!!

Where's Max?

Hmm...wonder if my hat will fill with wawa?

Is this where the water comes out?

What's that?

Uh, Mommy can I have my magazine?

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