Water Slide

This morning PCA had an open house that included a water slide and snow cones!  Of course we were going to take Max.  He met up with his BFF Brady, and the boys were going to go down the water slide.  I think us parents wanted them to go down the water slide more than they wanted to.  Does Max not know I need pictures for my blog?! 

Honestly, when they said water slide, I pictured this little slide for the kids to go down.  When we actually saw it, it was this ginormous slide.  Parents had to accompany the little ones, because there was no way they were going down by themselves.  Plus a little pool of water formed at the bottom of the slide, and Max would have for sure gone under.   

Daddy we're going down the slide?!

Weeeee!!!! (I can't tell whether it's pure
 excitement or fear on Max's face.)
Woah that was fun, can we go again Daddy?

Max went down the slide a total of 3 times.  I don't think Ian was a fan of getting soaked in his clothes, but he was a trooper for Max.  We got Max a bubblegum flavored snow cone to distract him from the slide.  He had a yellow car painted on his arm, and the snow cone kept him distracted for that as well.  I think anytime I need to keep him distracted I'll get him a snow cone...maybe I'll invest in a snow cone maker.  Kidding.

In other exciting news, our trip to Alaska is booked!!  We are also taking a side trip to visit Brenda and Spencer in Canada.  I hope this time I'll get a darn stamp in my passport!  I'm pretty excited about seeing Vancouver.  I think I'll sport my Coyotes shirt while there.  Maybe.  :)

Oh, Ian and Max made a fort today while I took a nap.  Max destroyed the fort, so I was unable to capture the cuteness on camera.  Next time.

Happy weekend!!  Can you believe it's already June?!

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