The 411

I love when blogs I stalk follow do Link Ups...it's some fun people.   FromMrstoMama is hosting this fun link up.  Most of you reading this are my family/friends and know me, but we'll pretend you don't. 

1. How long have you been blogging? And what got you started on blogging? Has your blog changed?
I've been blogging for over 2 years.  I started blogging when I found out I was pregnant and I wanted to keep my family and friends in the loop of what was going on.  The focus of my blog now is more about Max and the adventures we've gotten to experience, but I like to throw in some proud wife blogs too. 

2. Did you go to college? If so where, and what did you study?
I went to New Mexico State University in Las Cruces, NM.  GO AGGIES!   I studied Elementary Education, and have been a 3rd grade teacher the past 7 years. (Random, but the other day on Twitter I saw a tweet about Buck Pierce.  I had a "Buck Pierce?! I know him!" moment.  He was the QB of our football team, and in my education classes.  He plays for the CFL now.  Just thought I'd share that with you.) 

3. Where have you traveled?
I've traveled in the US, Mexico, and recently Canada!  I <3 Canada and want to live there. 

4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
Hmm...I guess the first thing I would buy would be a disposable camera to take a picture of me with the winning ticket, because I would probably have broken my phone when I dropped it from all the excitement,  Kidding....a new car.  Mine is falling apart.

5. What are your 3 biggest pet peeves?
-Receptionists at doctors offices who are not nice..ummm you'd think they'd hire a people person.
-When I see people at stores put things in the wrong place because they don't want to go to where they got it from.  I worked at Target and I was that person who had to put it back.
-When people wear a jersey/shirt to a game where that team isn't playing.  (I've done this...gasp!  I know better now.)

6. What is your favorite movie?
This is a tough one because I have 3 (Camp NoWhere (I was a huge Andrew Keagan fan back in the day), The Goonies (I think all people should love this movie), Drop Dead Fred....If I absolutely have to pick, I'd say Drop Dead Fred....I always wanted an imaginary friend. 

7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?
Green tea, and if it's from Starbucks that's even better!  (I wish I liked wine, but I don't like the taste and it reminds me of church.)

8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?
When I have time away from my boys, I love going to the movies by myself.  I don't have to talk to anyone, I get to just sit, relax, eat my raisinetts, and watch whatever movie I'm wanting to see.

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?
Hautelook.com....online shopping counts?  I'm OBSESSED with this website.  If you have no clue what I'm talking about.  Go look now.

10. Share with us an embarrassing moment of your past? Or present.
When I was in high school I was big on writing notes.  One day in English class we had a sub, Mr. S., and my friend Kendall and I passed a note.  Mr. S took it and read it to the whole class.  I died.  THANK GOD we used code names for the boys we were talking about.  I laughed so hard I was crying and my makeup smeared onto my English book.   I still get embarrassed thinking about it....

11. What day would you love to relive again?
Hands down the day I met Ian.  That's the day our story started.  I'd be sure to take a picture 2nd time around. 

12. If your life was turned into a movie... what actor would play you?
Umm...Alexis Bledel.  Not because I think I look like her or her like me, but because I know we'd be BFFs and if she's playing me, then I'd get to meet her.  

13. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years?
-Target-where my love for Target all started.  I worked there for 3 years, and it was so much fun.
-Computer Science Department at NMSU with my partner in crime, Tanya.  Oh the trouble we'd get into.  We had a place on our desk where we'd put pictures of hot guys...how that was acceptable, I don't know. 

14. Show us a picture from high school or college.
Tanya and I "working" in the CS department.  Fun, fun, fun!

15. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?
Italy. I didn't even have to think about that one. 

16. Show us the most current picture of you , or your family, or anything of meaning to you. 

This was in Healy a little over a week ago.  

17. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?
In 5 years I hope to be living not in AZ, happy, loving life, being a SAHM. (Holy cow in 5 years Max will almost be 7!  It's crazy to picture my baby as an almost 7 year old kid.) 


  1. I like stalking - I mean following you ;)

  2. He's a cute lil guy! New follower :)

    1. Thanks! Glad you're following!! I'll be checking out your blog. :)

  3. I have always wanted to visit Canada, it's definitely on my "must do" list!

    OMG, I LOVE Hautelook! LOVE!!!

    thanks for linking up :)

    1. Isn't Hautelook ah-mazing?! It's a bad addiction.....