Bath Artist

Max once again is liking baths, as long as there are bubbles.  So today we went out to buy some bubble bath, and came across some nifty markers that you can use in the tub.  Max immediately claimed them as his own, with a matter of fact "Mine!".   We also got some color tablets that color the water, and some water crayons.  We were ready for some fun!!

When Max saw the blue water he was beyond excited.  "Boo wawa Mama!" (Blue water Mama)  He stripped off his clothes in 2.5 seconds and was ready to play.  Will all the marker/crayon options, he had no idea where to begin.  Once he figured out how to use the markers he went drawing away.  He also liked to hide the markers/crayons under the bubbles, and then he'd ask, "Where is it?"  He'd quickly grab the hidden treasure and yell with excitement because he found it. 

I think we could have a bath artist on our hands.....

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  1. I love the bath crayons..oh yea..Nicolas does too ;) makes bath time super fun! Glad Max had a good time in his bath