Blog on Pause

Well my bloggy friends, I'm putting my blog on pause for a couple weeks. My lovely, good eye is acting up. Again. Big ole' boo to that. The good thing is the eye doc I saw today wants to get to the bottom of what's causing these iritis episodes. As of right now the inflammation in my good eye is B.A.D. Cloudy vision, pain, red eye bad. He said there were 3 options to treat it. Ready? 1) shot of steroids under my eye lid. 2) shot of steroid into my eye. 3) oral steroids that may or may not make me feel like crap. Which did he pick??? 3! Thank goodness! I take feeling like crap over scary needles by my eye or in my eye! So for the next 10 days I will be poppin pills that will hopefully make this inflammation go AWAY!

I also had to take a chest X-ray, and I need blood work done. So cross your fingers and toes, say a big prayer that we figure out what the heck is causing my eye troubles. I'd like to keep my vision, and I know you want me to keep blogging. :).

Update: This steroid is pure energy! I have been on a cleaning spree, and still feel like I could run a marathon!  Okay, well not a marathon, but a far distance!  Thank goodness I'm not feeling like crap, but I hope I can sleep tonight....

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  1. Oh no! I hope your eye gets back to being good soon! Until then... I'll be missing the Max updates. I do expect Ian to pick up the slack on August 20th - I want birthday pics of the 2-year old!