Oh Canada

We're back from our vacation!!! I have to say it was an awesome vacation. :)  It all started at the airport.  Max was in airplane heaven.  Every time he saw one, which was a lot, he'd yell, "airpwane!!!"  You could imagine his excitement when he actually got to get on one.  Oh goodness!  His little squeals of joy were contagious, and people were smiling.

Airplane ride #1- AZ to Portland
The trip was about 3 hours....I think.  I can't even remember, because I swear we took so many plane rides.   Max did pretty good.  The guy in front of us pushed back his chair as far as it would go, and so that limited the space we had.  Max wasn't impressed and kicked his chair to let him know.  He wanted to walk halfway through the flight, but we somehow managed to keep him entertained.  Flying into Portland I was in love with all the green.  Max liked all the "wawa" he saw from the window.

Flight #2- Portland to Bellingham
I was a bit nervous when we had to board our plane.  We walked outside and had to climb stairs to get on the much smaller plane.  There were two seats on each side.  I don't do well with small planes.  Max was beyond happy to be on another "airpwane" and flirted with the ladies behind us.  The minute we were in the air, he crashed.  Good flight when your child sleeps.  You're happy, everyone around you is happy.  

When we landed it was raining!  Yes, I was excited about rain.  We left 113 degree weather behind, and I was happy!  Spencer was there to pick us up.  We get to the border and of course, no stamp.  Oh well.   I told the boys as we were crossing into Canada I felt like singing "Oh Canada", but I managed to contain myself.  In my head I was singing away though.  We were all excited to see Spencer and Brenda!  So excited that we stayed up to the wee hours of the morning chatting away, knowing that Max would be up a few hours later.  We never learn.   

We woke up the next day with plans to go to Whistler.  I was beyond excited, but I didn't squeal with joy.  We'll leave that to the kid.   The weather was cloudy, cool, and rainy.  Spence and Brenda were bummed about the weather, however us out of towners were loving it!  We went to Spencer's firehouse to show Max a firetruck.  Max saw not only his first firetruck up close and personal, but a rain puddle.  It's safe to say that Max is a pro rain puddle splasher.  

Off to Whistler and let me just say it's gorgeous up there.  We went to eat and I had a Caesar...of course..I'm only in Canada people!  It was ah-mazing!  I lost count of how many Caesars I drank while there, but I love that drink.  While enjoying our lunch Max fell in love with another object that he would point at and yell every time he saw one.  A bike.  Now he was in bike heaven, and let me tell you we saw bikes every where!  

After lunch we went to Cows to get some ice cream for Max.  It was the best ice cream/cone I've ever tasted.  Max approved with his, "Mmmmmms".  We went on search of a balloonist (is that what they are called?)  We were going to get Max a bike, but the guy was leaving, so Max was left with a poodle. All Max saw was a "bawoon", and he was happy.  

Fast forward to the next day.  Still raining, still loving the weather.  We went to Granville Island.  Pretty cool place.  Brenda and I took Max to The Toy Co, while the boys went to sample some beer.  Now we were in toy heaven.  We took Max to a little shop that had a train table.  Max loved playing with the trains.  Getting him to leave was hard, because he didn't want to part from his trains.  We walked around some more and then took an aquabus tour.  It was fun!  I don't know if Max understood we were on the water.  

When we left Granville we went on a driving tour of Stanley Park.  Beautiful!  The way Max was with bikes, is the way I was with all the green.  I couldn't get over the trees.  I'll take seeing beautiful green over deserty brown any day.  

Sunday was Canada Day, and the day we were leaving.  Boo!  I was bummed to be leaving.  I could seriously live there, but I think some would have a problem with my loving the Coyotes.  :)  

You mean you get to drive this red truck Spencer?
Wow, this is really red.
What does this button do?
I could totally drive this truck.
Umm...this is kind of heavy for my head.
Yeah it fits your head better Daddy.

Chief Mountain/
Caesar with bacon...Yum-O!
View on our trip from Whistler.
We stopped to let Max look at the "wawa", which he loved.
I want one of these for my room Mommy.
Is it safe to be on the wawa?

These are just some of the pictures from my phone of our Canadian adventure.  I still have to go through the pictures on our camera!  

Still ahead: Seattle and Alaska

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