Bieber Fever

Ch-ch-changes!  So today I went to PCA to fill out paperwork, and I was a nervous wreck.  I officially start on Monday!!  I'm excited to join the PCA family, and work where Max will be enjoying his days.   I have no clue why I was so nervous, but I even sent Ian a text.  He sent me a pep talk text back. :)  I'm looking forward to this change, and all the new adventures I'll get to experience.

Max.  This kid amazes me everyday
-He is talking up a storm.  
-When you give him a choice between two things, he actually stands there and thinks about it.  "Ummm" included while he's thinking.  
-When he wants your full attention he'll grab your face to make sure you are looking at him. 
-He has a fake laugh that is hilarious to hear.  
-He's all about the potty, but won't actually use it.  
-He picks things up and hands them to you saying, "Here you go."  
-He's a hoarder.  When going to bed he likes to have Jake, bank (blanket), cars, baseball helmet, a book, his milk, and any other thing his little hands can grab.  I had to draw the line at bringing his golf bag to bed.  
Max was in motorcycle heaven, and we had to
go look at each and every bike.
I think he's starting a new trend, or making a fashion
statement. Either way I couldn't stop laughing.

Bieber hair.  I know, he needs a haircut.

Enjoying a drink from Starbucks.  Good, yummy, cold, water.

Coloring with his friend, Maddi.  They don't mess
around when coloring.

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  1. Nicolas does the same thing when it comes to going to bed! So funny!