Photo Dump

I always laugh when I see a blog titled photo dump....good times.

Breakfast + Mickey= one happy boy!
Yum this is good Mommy!
This little man is going to be TWO in 14 days!
Max and E having a serious discussion about cars...or Max
making a plan to get E out of the cool car.

My fav pics that John and Pat sent us from our trip. :)

My boys.
3 generations.
Max decided he was old enough to mow the lawn by himself.

Splashing in some puddles!
Our family of 3.
This is the life....
Max and Jbo making mud pizzas.
Max's face is priceless.

Family Love.

Eye Update: The steroids suck, but they've helped my eye tremendously.  Cloudiness is almost gone.   My eye is still dilated, so I zoom in on the computer, and the font on my phone is ginormous.  I'm just happy my eye is getting better as the days go by. 

Today is the first day of school for my teacher friends.  I've always been excited about the first day of school since always.  School supplies make me happy, and meeting your kiddos....awesome.  I had that excited feeling about school for 7 years, and I'm not there today.  It's a weird feeling.   I have to say I'm really exciting about working at PCA, once my eye is back to normal, but it's just weird not being in my classroom with a new bunch of 3rd graders.  

Happy Monday!  To all my teacher friends I hope you have a great first day back!!

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  1. Scho supplies make me happy too! Lol ive contemplated becoming a teacher, I think I'd be good at it. Still not sure what I want to do though.