Pink Birthday

Pink eye birthday that is.  The poor birthday boy woke up at 2 AM screaming bloody murder crying.  He kept saying, "Eyes! Eyes!"  So I took him to the bathroom so I could see in the light and the poor guy has  pink eye in both eyes.  Happy Birthday to you kid.  :(  He cried for over an hour, and then finally went to sleep.  So the first time he woke up on his 2nd bday he was a sobbing mess, so we're going to hope the 2nd time is a lot better. 

Eyes...so I went to the doctor on Thursday.  My eye is still inflamed, and now my retina is swollen.  Awesome, right?  I have to put yet another drop in my eye four times a day, which doesn't sound bad, but it burns like a mother effer.  If my retina is still swollen in a month then I'll have to have a shot in my eye!  Yikes!  My blood work came back and one of the markers came back positive, so I'm going to a specialist this week and hopefully he can narrow it down to a specific thing that's causing my troubles.  As I type it today, I'm okay with it all, but Thursday I was a hot mess.  Hot mess.  I'm just at that point where I'm tired of having eye problems, and I want to find a solution.   Oh and the doc told me that I can't run.  Ever.  Goodbye wanting to complete a half marathon.  With my history of retina detachment, he said running could be a factor in the inflammation and/or cause future detachments.  He said I could bike....umm I guess.  

Back to the birthday boy, who is sleeping so hard right now.  Today might not be how we planned, but he'll get to celebrate with family and friends on Saturday.  Let's just hope this morning at the doctors he won't freak out too much....wishful thinking;.  My two year old will let it be known he wants nothing to do with the doctor. 

Max's bday shirt.

I got this off pinterest.  Hopefully Max will enjoy it. :)


  1. Oh no! Sorry to hear about max! Poor guy! I hope he has an awesome birthday otherwise. And you too..man that does not sound fun at all! Hopefully you can find out what's causing all your eye troubles..hope you have a great birthday celebration with your boy!