Great Week

This week has been a great week and it's only Thursday.  Max had been crying every morning when I drop him off at school, because of the fire drill that traumatized him.  This week- NO CRYING!!  Instead he'd look at me and say, "Bye bye Mama! Wuv you!" This made my heart happy, and me want to cry because he was so happy.  It amazes me how much he's talking and singing.  Songs that I would sing to him, he now sings with me.  He has an alphabet book, and he points at things and says what they are.  Last night while reading with his Daddy, he pointed at a picture and said, "oh yo-yo!"  Yo-yo?  I didn't even know he knew what a yo-yo was, but he does!

I went to the specialist yesterday to finally go over my blood work.  He went over each test that was given and explained each one.  It was how Dr. T should have done, but didn't.  I told Dr. P what happened last week and he was shocked that a doctor would do that and he apologized.   I like Dr. P.  Dr. T...not so much.  Anyways, I have to go to another specialists.  Dr. P ruled out any diseases that he deals with, and so I'm off to the next.  My blood work showed that something is definitely going on and causing inflammation throughout my whole body.  I left feeling good. 

Today I had my eye appointment, which I was nervous about because if my retina was still swollen and inflammation was still in my good eye then I was going to have to get a steroid shot in my eye.  Every eye appointment I go to they take pictures of my eye.  Today they took a bajillion of pictures using 3 different machines.  That last one they had to inject dye into my arm and then take pictures to see if there were any tears in my retina.  It makes me see pink and then yellow.  The light was so flipping bright it made me nauseous.  I was seeing red after.  Bright light also hurts my eye when it's dilated.  It almost burns.   Ouch.

The good Dr. B came in and looked at my eye.  Remember I stopped eating meat, chicken, and turkey and other foods to see if it helped with the inflammation.  He checked my eye and he said that my retina was still swollen.  Gulp.  I was waiting for him to say I needed a shot, but he didn't!  He said that the inflammation was GONE and that though my retina was swollen he didn't think I needed the shot.  I just have to stay on the steroid drop, and the one that burns like a mother effer.  I'll take burning drop over shot any day!!    I don't know if changing what I've been eating really caused the inflammation to go away, but just in case I'm going to keep it up for the next 6 weeks.

I took Max for a bike ride, but he's not very good at steering.  He's learning.  

I picked him up from school, and he was tired out from all his fun.

I saw Julie and Julia, and now want to cook from this book. 

I hope you are having a great week! 

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