Football is back!!  With football comes tailgating!  Last year tailgating with Max consisted of him playing in the car and him wanting to wobbly walk around.  This year Max had his own chair, ate all the yummy food that we ate (he loved pepperoni and could have kept eating it), played football with his Daddy, went for a walk to check things out, spilled a few Gatorade, cooled himself down with ice, and just had F.U.N.   We thought for sure he'd tire himself out and then want to sleep during the game.  Um..No.  Max wanted to watch football.  When the people in front of us stood up and blocked his view, he stood up on my lap so he could see.  He lasted almost half of the game, but then wanted to walk around.  He was so tired, but would not fall asleep.  Luckily I ran into a friend who was working the game, and she gave Max a churro.  He ate that yummy goodness up and was happy for about 20 minutes, then it was time to go.  The minute we were in the car, he was asleep. 

He woke up ready to watch the Steelers play some football.  You should have seen him with the Terrible Towel.  He was waving it around, running around yelling, throwing his arms in the air when a touchdown was scored.  It was pure cuteness.  Unfortunately our team lost, which meant Max wasn't happy and Daddy wasn't happy.  :(  There's always next week!

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