We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together

Dr. T is for TERRIBLE!  Remember when I went to see the specialist, Dr. P, who had me go get blood work.  They took a bajillion vials, and I was surprised I still had blood left.  Then I was asked forced to wait 4 weeks until I get my results.  Actually 3 because I called to see if I could come in earlier, and they are seeing me a whole 6 days earlier.  Hey, I'll take it. 

So Tuesday I got a call from Dr. T's (who I've made it a point not to see because I always leave his office feeling like I'm going to die because he gives me worse case scenarios)  office telling me that Dr. P had sent over my blood work and they were wondering if I've been having headaches.  Well yes I have been.  I'm stressed out about what's going on, so it's all a big headache.  I get a call the next day saying Dr. T wants to see me asap.  Asap to them means next day appointment.  So all day yesterday I was a nervous wreck about my appointment.  It has to be something bad if he wants to see me asap.  Fast forward to this morning.  I was a hot mess.  Nervous.  Couldn't sit still.  I was going to get the results that could possibly tell me what's been causing my eye troubles. 

My appointment was at 8:45, and they took me back at 8:40.  Ohh they were taking me early!  This was off to a good start.  The lady took me back to the room, asked if I wanted a flu shot, and said the doctor would be in shortly.  Lady comes back with the flu shot.  Tells me to relax (easy for her to say, she wasn't waiting to get blood work results), and stabs me with the needle.  Then I waited....and waited.  The good Dr. T comes into the room at 9:31 (I looked at my phone).  He doesn't say, "Hi, sorry for making you wait." or "Hi, how are you?"  Instead he comes in looking at his iPad, and says, "They want you to have ____________ treatment for your eyes."  I put the line because he used some medical gibberish that I didn't catch.  I have no idea what the treatment is, but I just picture thousands of needles being put into my eyes.  Then he says, "Have they gone over this with you."  I have no idea who "they" are, but I tell him that I haven't gone over my blood work results with Dr. P because my appointment is next week.  He then says he wants a second opinion and I have to go to another specialist and have more blood work done.  I told him what Dr. P was looking for and asked if the blood work showed that.  He didn't answer my question or go over my results with me.   I don't even know what the second opinion is for.   So I asked about my blood work again, and he pats my shoulder and says that I should wait for my appointment with Dr. P next week.  Umm,,,,,okay.   He left the room, another lady comes in and takes two vials of blood, then tells me I'm free to go.  I have been waiting, WAITING to hear my results so we can get to the freakin bottom of this, and now they are telling me to wait some more, oh and go see another specialist.   Just what I wanted to do.  This awesome doctor was reading my mind!

I'm so beyond frustrated and over this.  How many doctors do I have to see, and how many vials of blood do I have to give?  It's ridiculous.   I feel like I'm a constant hot mess because of this, and hearing that I need to calm down and not be upset doesn't help.  I'm just so tired and upset about everything.  What's so hard to understand about that?  Please come walk in my shoes and deal with my problems, and have a bajillion vials of blood taken from you, and have to tell your life medical history to doctor after doctor, and still not know what's going on.  It's exhausting.  (The new Taylor Swift song just popped into my head.  I am never ever getting back together with Dr. T. )

and with that....I'm done.

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