6 Places

For 6 Places, I'm going to go with my 6 favorite places we've traveled.

1. Alaska- for Ian this is home.  We've gone to visit a handful of times, but my favorite trip was our first one to the state.  That's the trip that Ian proposed to me.  Awww....

2. San Diego- I love the ocean, and the sound of the waves.  If I could wake up to that sound every morning that would be awesome! 

3. Rocky Point- We vacationed here for our honeymoon.  Beautiful, relaxing, ocean, real Mexican food, and my first trip as a Mrs. 

4. Canada- Oh, I loved it there!!  So green and beautiful!!  I would move there in a heartbeat. 

5. Pittsburgh- the place was full of character.  Just driving around you could tell the buildings held 
some pretty amazing stories.  

6. My parent's house.   It's home. 


  1. Ohh, I've always wanted to visit Alaska too.. I actually thought about going on the cruise there.. I hear it's beautiful. =)

    1. AK is gorgeous!! If you get a chance you should totally go!