7 Wants

7 Wants.

1.  I want to be healthy and I need to take this seriously.  It's easy to look at some actress and say I want to look like her.  Well, I know that will never happen, but I can look like a healthier me.
2. I want Max to have a happy, healthy, love filled life full of adventure.
3. I want the next house we buy to be our house that Ian and I grow old in and raise our family.  If it has an awesome kitchen, that would be super.
4. I want a new car.  Mine is falling apart, and a new mom mobile would be lovely.
5. I want the Coyotes to be bought already so all this drama can go away. (and the lockout to be over!)
6.  I want to live in a world where it doesn't matter your religion, who you  love, who you marry and everyone treats each other with love and respect.
7.  I want Nick Jr to make new episodes of FBB because Max has seen them all a million times!  We need new episodes!

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  1. I love your wants!! So good. Mine was a little materialistic and little good things too..

    Hope you had a good time in Pittsburgh.