9 Loves

This week for the 10 Day Challenge is 9 Loves.  Love is a strong word and I don't take it lightly. When I love something or someone, I love it or them with my whole heart.  It's serious.  My list is in no particular order either.  I don't love 1 more than 10.  So if you are on my list don't get offended by which number you are.  I LOVE YOU, that matters, not the number.

1. Gilmore Girls.  I wish this show was still on, but I happily watch reruns all the time.  For those of you who sadly never get my Stars Hollow reference, I'm talking about GG.
2. The smell of a new book, which I haven't smelled lately because I buy books for my nook.  Put me in a Barnes and Noble and I'm a happy girl!
3. My iPhone.  This could be a sad thing, but I love it.  It keeps me entertained when I'm waiting in which ever doctors office I may be in for the week.
4. Jenn.  I'm not saying I love myself, I'm saying Jenn, my BFF for the past 15 years.  I can tell her anything and I know she won't judge me.
5. My family.  Obviously.  They made me who I am today and I am one blessed girl for all the wonderful family I have.
6. Ian.  I was boy crazy growing up.  I mean, I had my first boyfriend in headstart, but he dumped me when he went up to Kinder.  Lame.   When I liked a boy and then I found out they liked me something would weird me out about them.  Ian was the first boy that didn't weird me out and the first boy I said "I love you" to.
7.  Blogging.  I love blogging and reading blogs!  I am a self proclaimed blogwhore after all.
8. Max.  This kid makes my heart overflow with love.
9. The Coyotes.  yes the hockey team as well as the organization.  I love them.  When Ian started working there not only did I get to enjoy watching men play hockey and occasionally fight, but we've made wonderful friends.


  1. I love your "loves." Seriously we are the same person that we both have never met.


  2. Love your 9 likes list.Checking your blog out through the challenge, just became your newest follower.


  3. i love blogging too.it's also in my list.:)

  4. Your number 2 is right up my alley! I make books I love them so much! I cannot fathom getting an e reader.
    Stopped in from the 10 Day Challenge at BlogLove Therapy! Best to you, Andrea


  5. I love your description of love.. I too feel the same way. When I love something I love it with everything I've got. =)

  6. Love your posts! I love that your a self proclaimed blogwhore...lol! I'm your newest follower from blog love therapy.
    xox, pam