Boo-tiful Day!

What a day Max and I have had! It's been a day of nonstop fun Halloween/Fall activities.

Max was my little helper while making pumpkin bars
from scratch. He was a pro at cracking the eggs, and
pouring the ingredients from the measuring cups into the bowl. 

While the pumpkin bars were baking, he painted a pumpkin.

This is fun Mama!

Umm...I accidentally painted my face..

What do you think of my pumpkin?

I'm done with the pumpkin, so I think I'll paint my hand.
Oh wait....I can't do that Mama?

We also made some Halloween cards for his cousins!

We also had fun making our dinner table a little festive.

We still have a few more Halloween cards to make, so tomorrow will be another bootiful day of painting!!



  1. That is super cute!! Love it all! Bring some pumpkin bars to work tomorrow! :)


    1. I definitely will send some with Ian!!