Movie,Concert, and Game Night

Max had a pretty eventful weekend.  If he's having an eventful weekend, you know Mama is too!  Friday he went to see Hotel Transylvania with his friend, Kinlee.  Us moms tagged along.  He enjoyed the movie, it was the previews before the movie that scared the heck out of him.  His juice, pretzel, and sitting on my lap kept him calm.  When the movie was over and it was time to leave he got pissed and wanted to stay.  His attitude changed once we were all outside and he and Kinlee were able to play.  Those kiddos had so much fun running around, playing in the dirt, and getting dirty.  I see more movie dates in our future.

I got my candy Mama, lets go watch the movie!

I got booster seats for me and Kinlee!

Saturday we took Max to see the Phineas and Ferb Concert.  He was kinda freaked at first because one of the characters from the show, Perry, came into the audience and was right in front of Max.  Once he was on stage and Max was safe from Perry, he was fine.  He of course was bummed when it was over.   


We then had game night at Jakub and Mel's.  Max met Maci, their new puppy. I think Maci was more afraid of Max, then he was of Maci.  I won't talk too much about the actual game night.  I'll just say the girls won.  I know, you're not surprised.  :)  We weren't either.  

We have a fun week ahead of us.  Stay tuned!! 

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  1. sounds like a fun weekend! We should all get together some time.