Pregnancy Files

I wanted to wait a few weeks before I shared this glorious news, but I wanted to share what's going on in my life at this very moment I found out our family was growing.

September 17, 2012
So that past few nights insomnia has hit me like a bat out of hell.  I wake up at 3:25 and I'm wide awake for about two hours.  Luckily the Style channel has been showing reruns of Giuliana and Bill so I've been happy.  Well not happy that I'm awake, but happy that I can watch something I like. I was also feeling nauseous.   This is how I was when I was pregnant with Max.  So on this day I took Max to PCA and then I went to the store and bought a pregnancy test with 3 tests.  Yes 3.  I wanted to be super sure.  I took the test and there was only ONE line...Boo.  I wanted to see two.  I left it on the counter and went into the living room to read some blogs and watch some reality tv.  I went back into the bathroom to straighten my hair and I look down at the test.  There are TWO pink lines.  TWO!  I did a happy dance and then called my mom.  Our conversation went like this:

Mom: Hello?
Me: MOM!
Mom: What?

Then the rest of the conversation was a blur because I was beyond happy and excited.  I took the other two tests just to make sure, and they both showed two beautiful pink lines.  Oh happy day!!

I decided that I wanted to tell Ian in a cute way.  So I ventured to Hobby Lobby, which overwhelms the crap out of me because there is so much stuff in there.  I bought a blank puzzle.  I decorated one that said, "Max loves Daddy" and the other said "Big Brother". 

When Ian got home last night I had both puzzles on the table for him to make before dinner.  His sister called and was talking to him, so he was putting them together while on the phone.  I was laughing, and waiting.  He put the first one together and smiled and me.  Then he put the second one together, mouth the words, looked at me with shock/excitement, mouthed "really?!"  all while still on the phone with Nicole.  She had no idea.   He quickly got off the phone and we had a family hug.  Our family of 3 will soon be 4!!

The lines might be faint, but they are there!!
Max is going to be a big brother!!

September 18, 2012
This morning I had to go get blood work done (yes more!) to confirm that I'm pregnant, and then I can schedule an ultrasound to check the due date of the little bean.  I'm saying June 1, 2013.  Well that's what the app on my iPhone says.  So I'm going with that.  I've given plenty of blood this past month so it's nothing new.  Holy Crap the lady hurt me.  She moved the needle around, and ouch! Painful!  So either tomorrow or Thursday they'll give me a call and either set up an ultrasound or I have to go back and give more blood.  Something has to be above 1800 before they can schedule an ultrasound. 

September 19, 2012
When I was pregnant with Max I had morning sickness throughout my whole pregnancy.  Those ladies who only experienced it through their first trimester or didn't experience it all made me sick. Well not really, but I was super jealous.   My pregnancy with Max was a tough one, and left me wondering on some days whether or not I would want to go through it again.  There were some days where I was certain that I would not be pregnant again.  I wasn't one of those ladies who loved being pregnant.  I hope this time around it's different.  More enjoyable.  Already though all day sickness aka morning sickness has hit me.  I'm nauseous all day and I've become friends with our lovely toilet.  TMI?  I'm sure I'll be sharing tons more stuff that you're going to be like, "Did she really just blog about that?!"   So you've been warned, but to be fair I'll try to warn before you read it, so you can prepare yourselves.   Really though if this pregnancy is just as tough as the last one, or tougher (yikes! I hope not!) the outcome is all worth it.   I think I need to go buy ginger ale.   My long lost friend.

September 25, 2012
Morning. Sickness. Is. A. Bitch.   That is all for today. 

I've heard that with the 2nd baby you show
 sooner, but this is ridiculous!!   Maybe twins?

September 26, 2012
Today I had to go back to the doctor to have my blood drawn again.  I hope this is the last time and I can schedule to see the doctor, but I have a feeling I'm going to have to go back again next week. 

Expectant Mothers....that's me!!

September 28, 2012
I was called today and given the results from my latest hcG blood work.  Last week it was 54.  The lady who called had thick accent and all I heard was 158.  That's too low.  My heart stopped and tears started forming.  She said a nurse would be calling to set up an appointment to be seen.  Before we were getting off the phone I asked, "So it was only 158?"  She said, "Oh no!  It was 2,158."  Ahhh!!!  Thank goodness!  I heard her wrong the first time!!  I get to schedule an ultrasound, and then once that's done and I have an actual due date I can schedule an appointment to see the doctor.  They seriously do things differently now.  I never did any of this with Max.  Weird.  So my ultrasound will be next Wednesday early in the morning.  We'll officially find out when little bean is due!!  I'm so excited!!!

October 2, 2012
Tomorrow is the day for our ultrasound and the days have been dragging!!  I'm so excited!  Other than that there is nothing new to report.  Morning sickness is still kicking my butt, I can't handle sliced cheese, and I should have an iv of ginger ale hooked up to me at all times.  Oh if only.....  I'll be sure to post about my ultrasound tomorrow!!  But of course for you all, you won't read it for a couple weeks.  :)  
Seriously, I hope tomorrow the ultrasound person tells me there are twins in there.  If it's just one baby and I'm already showing this much...omg. OH EM GEE!!!  Or  if there is one, I hope I'm way further along than I'm thinking I am.  I can already hear the, "Oh my gosh you are already showing!"  or my fave, "You are so big!"  

October 3, 2012
Last night I couldn't sleep a wink.  I was so ready for today.  I got to my appointment early.  The minutes slowly ticked by, and finally the nice lady called me back.  She's doing her thing and confirms that there is a baby.  One baby?  I asked her if she was sure, because I was certain I'm having twins.  Nope, there is only one little bean who will grace us with his/her presence on (hopefully before) May 29, 2013.  So yes...I'm already showing that much.  Yikes!   
First picture of our little bean.  

October 11, 2012
Well I went to my first baby appointment yesterday.  It's the one with the nurse so it's very informational.  Nothing too exciting.  She went over the timeline of visits with me.  When she talked about the gender ultrasound I did an internal squeal of excitement!  Right now it seems so far away, but I know it's going to go by fast.  Maybe that's wishful thinking.  I want to get through the first trimester safely, and the morning sickness to be gone.   I need to go to Trader Joe's and get their ginger candies they sell.  Tomorrow.  

Max story.  Even though it's early in the pregnancy we've been talking about the baby.  I'll ask him what he thinks I'm having, and if he wants a brother or sister.  He wants a "meester".  I asked him where the baby was, and he grabbed my boob...oh Max.  Thank goodness your bro/sis is not in my boob. 

I've been thinking about life as a family of 4.  When we go to hockey games,  and now I'll have Max and the bean...maybe we'll be watching games from home.  Or going to the store with two kids.  I've seen other moms conquer this task, so I know it's possible, but I'm not gonna lie.  I'm kinda freaked out.  A good freaked out.   

October 16, 2012
I have no energy.  All I want to do it lay in bed and sleep.  I can't though because I have a ball of energy 2 year old who wants to play, play, play!!  Today was one of those days where I'm pretty sure I could of slept all day.  I was so happy when nap time rolled around because that meant I could sleep too, and sleep we did.  Our "playing" today has been laying on the couch reading books together, and building Lego towers.  Thankfully he hasn't wanted to play football or run around like crazy person.  I honestly don't even have the energy to continue typing.  You think I'm exaggerating, but I'm seriously not.  No. Energy.

October 22, 2012
Traveling and morning sickness do not go hand in hand.  I normally get nauseous on plane rides to begin with, but this time it was 10x worse.  Bleh!  I also get carsick and so the roads in Pittsburgh are all curvy, windy and hilly.  Ginger ale was my bff.  I was a hot sick mess.  I was told with Max the morning sickness would go away after the first trimester.  It didn't.  I'm super worried that this time around it will stick around again.  Guess we'll see in 4 weeks and 2 days if it goes away...but whose counting???

October 24, 2012
So last night I had a dream that I was having twins.  I can't shake the dream.  Even before the ultrasound I was certain I was having twins.   I've been googling...I know bad, seeing if at the first ultrasound they can miss seeing twins.  So far from what I read, they can miss twins.  I still feel like I'm having twins too....I don't know.  I have my next appointment in November.  Guess we'll see if the doc can hear two heartbeats.   Weird.   Maybe I'm just thinking twins because I'm showing so much. 

October 25, 2012
Now we are officially up to date and I can blog like normal!  Yay!!  I went to the eye doctor this morning to check on my lovely eyes, and guess what?!  They are the best he's ever seen!!  No sign of inflammation or swollen retina!!!  I was kind of worried because when I was pregnant with Max my body was all out of sorts  and my eyes were causing me nothing but trouble.  So far this time around we're good!!  I'm still gonna stick with not eating meat.  I'm pretty happy my eyes are fine. Ahhh!!!!   

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  1. I loved how you drafted all this into separate days it'll be good to look back on..don't get too freaked out about going places with two, you'll get the hang of it in no time. hope you start to feel better soon!