Happy Halloween!!!

Max loved, loved, loved trick-or-treating, but he had to warm up to it before there was love.   Well before any of the fun I had to bribe him into putting his costume on.  He put it right on for some candy.  A mom's gotta do, what a mom's gotta do.

The minute Ian got home we set out for our Halloween adventure.  At first Max wouldn't say a word.  By the third house he had warmed up a little and would say thank you.  After awhile he was saying, "Ah Treat!"  "Halloween!" and "Thank youuu!"   Every time we'd leave a house he'd talk a mile a minute about his bucket of candy.  He'd squeal with excitement when he saw the kiddos dressed up, especially if he saw another Jake.   We crossed paths with a little boy dressed as a toilet, and his name was Max.  That was funny.  

I think Max made one cute Jake, but he was super happy to get out of his costume and play with his candy.  He has emptied and filled up his pumpkin with his candy over and over again.  I can't believe next year we'll have two trick-or-treaters!

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