What's That?

We have a set of picture flashcards that we go over with Max.  He's gotten really well at saying what each picture is.  Once we master those flashcards, we're moving on the to the alphabet cards. I was recording him go over the cards and it turned into a 3 minute video.  I can only share a snippet   Max turned the questioning around on me, and was asking me what the pictures were.  Super cute. :)

I had Max try on his costume today, and he wasn't impressed.  He cried and cried, and I laughed and laughed.  He looked so dang cute, I couldn't help it.  Hopefully on Wednesday he'll love it and won't cry, or Trick-or-Treating might not happen.  When he saw this picture though he yelled, "Jake!!!"  not realizing that it's him in the picture.  

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