14 Weeks

I'm turning into that girl taking pictures of herself in a mirror. 
 I'll have Ian start taking pictures of me. 

How far along: 14 Weeks!  (I know I was late last week posting this, so only 3 days have past.  I'll get better at posting this every Wednesday.)
Baby's size: size of a large navel orange
Sleep: I've come to grips with my lack of sleep.  I seriously just watch Hallmark for a couple hours in the wee hours of the morning.  There are good movies on.  I'm going to be bummed when they aren't playing them anymore.
Maternity Clothes: I actually whipped out a couple pairs of pants from when I was pregnant with Max.  Those fit much better than the ones I bought for this go around.
Food cravings: Still anything sweet.  At this exact moment I'm craving Chinese...well really the lettuce wraps from PF Chang's.  yum!!! Oh and green olives!
Food aversions: None.
Symptoms I have: No morning sickness the past 4 days!!  Woohoo!!  (I'm probably jinxing myself, but oh well :)) TMI- I pee all the time.  ALL. THE. TIME.
Doctor’s Appointment: December 4th can't come soon enough!
Movement: Still feels like the navel orange is turning flips.
Belly Button: Innie and I hope to God it stays that way. Outie bellybuttons creep me out! (I will keep this sentence in hopes that my bellybutton doesn't pop out.)
Gender: I have a feeling, but we'll see in a few weeks! (In a couple weeks I'll post some old wives tales and show how I'm falling in those categories.)
What I’m looking forward to: Finding out the gender of Baby W, and having Max feel the baby kick, and turning 30 on Sunday!  What?!  How the heck did I get to 30 so fast?!
What I miss: Today I am missing the yummy taste of a bloodymary.