2 Songs

2 songs....both songs were played at mine and Ian's wedding, for different reasons.

1. Chasing Cars by Snow Patrol- This was the song that Ian and I chose as our wedding song.  It was the song that played as we walked into our reception as a Mr. and Mrs.  It was the song that we had our first dance to.  I remember it like yesterday.  I love this song.  When Ian and I hear this song, we get mushy gushy and it takes us back to our wedding.  We once heard it in a parking lot, I think it's was at Sports Chalet, and danced.  Right there in the parking lot, we danced.  On our first anniversary Ian played it on his iPod, and we danced in our living room.  No matter where or when I hear it, it always takes me back to Las Cruces, NM on June 14, 2008. 

2.  Where You Lead by Carole King- It's the Gilmore Girls song.  I watched this show from the beginning, and I always told my mom that she should watch it.  Eventually she did, and she loved it!!  There was one day that I called her and kept getting her voicemail, so I left a message calling her Lorelai. (If you've seen this episode, you know what I'm talking about.)  She's so my Lorelai.  At my wedding I danced to this song with my Mom.  I don't have the picture, but it's on our wedding video, and my Mom and I are dancing and singing the words.  Love.  Whenever I watch a rerun of GG it reminds me of my Mom. 

If you click the names of the songs, it will take you to their videos...just in case you have no clue what my fav songs are.  :)

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