4 Books

4 Books....only 4?!  I love reading.  I have so many books, and I love rereading them over and over again.  Books make me happy, and I love sharing that love with Max.  The kid will grab book after book for us to read.  It's pretty awesome.

Back to 4 Books...I will do my favorite books.  I'm going to cheat a little and include series as one, and not each book individually.

1. Witch Avenue Series by Karice Bolton.  I found these books on the nook, and they are page turners.  The minute you start, you will not stop until you finish the book.  Karice does a great job taking you into the world of the main characters, Triss and Logan.  Plus Altered Souls is only $2.99 on the nook, and Lonely Souls is $0.99!  How can you beat that?! 

2. Twilight Saga.  So I had never heard of Twilight.  When the movie came out I didn't see it until my Christmas break.  I was a little behind.   That Christmas though I asked my parents for the books.  Getting books for Christmas is the best gift I could get.  Love. Love.  So I got all 4 books and I read them all in 4 days.  Then I reread them over and over again.  I'm one of those people that now gets super excited about the movies.  I don't care if people think they are stupid, I love them. 

3. Fifty Shades of Grey Trilogy.  I know people got caught up in all the....ummm I don't even know what to say.  My younger bro and sis read this blog.  The actual story is a really good one.  Yes, it's what you would call a page turner, but if you can't get passed all the hoopla, then you're missing out. 

4. A Walk to Remember.  My all time favorite from Nicholas Sparks.  I love all his books, but this was the first one I read, and then of course there was the movie.  I think in college I went and saw it about 3 times with my friend, Brooke.  We cried every time.  So good!

So there you have it, my favorites!  

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