I started watching a friends daughter who happens to be Max's friend from PCA.  Two, 2 year olds is a lot of energy, and this pregnant lady is kinda lacking in that department.   With that being said though, I cannot tell you how much fun we have!  Today they made binoculars.  They decorated, by decorate I mean scribble with markers, and once they were put together by yours truly we set off on our adventure!  They rode in Max's wagon while I pulled them around the block.  They were "Ohhhing" and "Awwwing" at things that they normally see, but with binoculars it was much cooler.  Then when we got home they walked in our yard on the hunt for birds.  K actually made birds fly out of a bush and it scared the bejeezus out of her and Max.  I laughed.  It was funny!  We walked across the street to look up at some birds in a tree and they found pinecones.  You would have thought it was gold!  They were so excited!  Once they wake up from nap they are going to decorate them.   Being a SAHM is so enjoyable, and now that K is here to enjoy our days with us...it's pretty darn F.U.N.


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