Kid Krafts

Since I started watching K, I've had her and Max doing crafts just about everyday.  I love that it's the holiday season, because the festive crafts are endless.  I'm also having them do a letter a day.  They just finished G, and when I show them the crafts they make they can identify the letter.  I'm also showing them actual flashcards with the letters, because really the letter G won't always look like an awesome giraffe.  I'm also amazed at how well they do.  I put the glue, but they put down the strip of paper, spots, stars, teeth, eyes...whatever it is.  They are little artists.  Here are some of the crafts that they've done.

Holiday Crafts
Handprint turkey, turkey from toilet 
paper roll, and painted pinecone

handprint Christmas tree with fingerprint ornaments

handprint Santa

Today we're making the letter H full of hearts, and we're decorating our Christmas tree.  Day of FUN!

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