One Picture

One picture of myself....blah! I really don't like being in pictures. I like being behind the camera, hence most of my pictures are of Ian and Max or just Max.   I thought I would have a little fun with this one though, and combine two pictures.      
I was super excited in the picture to the left, because I had just gotten a Kid Sister. Me on the right is one of the last pictures of me as a 29 year old. 
The 10 day challenge is now over.  It was really fun participating in this link up.  To have to think of things that matter to me or are my favorites took me down memory lane.   


  1. I feel ya! I have to force myself to take pictures but I think it's important to have something to look back on one day. And I don't know whats cuter. U as a little girl or u now. ;)

    1. Thanks :). I know I need to get better at wanting to be in front of the camera. Maybe with these weekly bump updates...maybe.