Sobbing 101

You may have heard that pregnant ladies have hormonal issues during their pregnancy.  One minute you can be happy as a clam, and the next pissed at the world. (or your hubby for a stupid reason)  Things that you normally find sad are now SAD that cause you to sob, and maybe even have the ugly cry.  Think Farrah from Teen Mom, if you have no clue what I'm talking about-Yay you for not watching that show!   Better yet I'll show you!!

So lately, if I find something sad I'm seriously a sobbing mess.  I canNOT take sad stories.  There was a tragedy that happened in Las Cruces on Halloween to a mom and her 15 year old son.  My mom was telling me the story, and I couldn't stop crying.  Even after getting off the phone with her.  Goodness even now just thinking about it as I type, it makes me cry.  

I was reading a story about a 19 year old who had to drop out of college to raise her 3 siblings because their parents died in Hurricane Sandy.  Sobbing mess!

Then there are times when I cry over dumb things.  This morning I was watching one of my fav shows.  It was a rerun that I've seen numerous times.  I was a sobbing mess watching the darn episode!  I even laughed at myself for being so emotional, but I can't seem to stop the waterworks.

Reading a book that has a sad part...oh lordy.  I have to look like a crazy person to Max.  I can only imagine what Ian thinks of me.  

Ways to make a pregnant woman mad...or maybe it's just me.  Telling me that I'm sensitive.  WTH?!  Don't do it, just don't.  If you want to be happy, you want me to be happy, you want the world to be happy...DON'T say it...because really I can't control my emotions all that well these days.  Am I sensitive-ummmm yes, but don't tell me.  Think it, just not out loud.   Okay?  Super! Glad you understand! (I wish men had to go on this emotional rollercoaster called pregnancy.)