15 Weeks

I had Ian take the picture and he was sitting down angling my phone up, so I promise I'm not as tall as our Christmas tree.  I'm dying of laughter from this picture.  So funny.
How far along: 15 weeks! (Yesterday during our little trip to the ER, the baby was measuring 15w4d)
Baby's size: size of a large navel orange (my app still says the same fruit, but yesterday the tech said the baby was 4 oz.
Sleep: The past couple nights I've actually slept okay.  Last night I was up a million times and was wide awake from 11-2:30.   

Maternity Clothes: Yup, but I mostly wear my regular shirts, and I have a couple of non maternity pants that still fit me.   I love maternity pants though...they are just comfy.

Food cravings: Ummm...none at the moment.  I'm feeling really nauseous, so food isn't sounding so good.

Food aversions: Pork chops.  I made some for Ian a couple days ago, and the smell of them was making me gag.  Blah!  Even just thinking about it makes me want to puke.

Symptoms I have: I've been getting headaches quite frequently.  Boo!

Doctor’s Appointment: Had to reschedule it, so it's tomorrow.

Movement: Still feels like the navel orange is turning flips.

Belly Button: Innie and I hope to God it stays that way. Outie bellybuttons creep me out! (I will keep this sentence in hopes that my bellybutton doesn't pop out.)

Gender: We'll find out soon!

What I’m looking forward to: Feeling the baby really kick and punch around in my belly.

What I miss: Nothing.  I'm content today.
So this baby is trying to make this pregnancy just as eventful as Max's if not more.  I had to pay a visit to the ER yesterday.  I couldn't hold anything down and ended up getting super dehydrated.  I ended up needing 2L of fluid, which to me looked like a lot.   The whole stay wasn't too bad.  Well...minus the 5 vials of blood they took.  I have the bruise to show for it.  I did get to see the bambino on an ultrasound.  They wanted to make sure the babes was fine because I was having stomach pains.  The tech was taking pictures and called the baby a "he" and I almost had a heart attack!!  She then corrected herself and said it's too early to tell, but she did try and look. Such a tease!  I was kinda hoping she'd know for sure what the little one is.  I could totally keep a secret and act like I didn't know...probably not.   She said the baby was measuring at 15w4d with a due date of May 24th, and the heartbeat was around 166.   Today I am resting it up, eating crackers, and drinking plenty of water.


  1. I'm sorry you weren't feeling well. I hope you get to feeling better.
    xo jessa

    1. Thanks Jessa! Sorry it messed up our dinner plans.