16 Weeks

PS. I'm just going to be that girl taking pictures of herself.

I found a blog that I love (Flight, Fiction & Everything Nice) and these are the questions she answers, and I liked the layout of these questions more than the ones I was answering before.
How Far Along: 16 Weeks!
Baby Size: Avocado
Maternity Clothes: Mixing regular clothes and maternity clothes.
Stretch marks: None yet, but I expect them to make an appearance.
Weight gain:  5 lbs (by this time with Max I'm pretty sure I had gained around 15 lbs)
Sleep:  Meh, some nights are better than others. 
Best Moment of the Week:  Feeling the babes really move, like really move.
Movement:  Yes!  If I'm really still I can feel some solid kicks and punches.
Food Cravings:  Those chocolate oranges that only come out at Christmas time.  I may have to stock up on some. :)
Gender:  Jan 7th is the day we find out!! But I'm trying to talk Ian into getting a 4d sonogram done, but so far he's not interested.  I'm tempted to go on my own.  Can you tell I'm lacking in patience?
Belly Button in or out: IN! Thank goodness!  Please oh please belly button stay in. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  I made a pasta meal for Ian and I was cleaning the pan afterwards.  I seriously was gagging.  I freaked Max out with my lovely sound effects.
Labor Signs: .No, and I better not have any for the next 21 weeks or so.  If he/she wants to come after 37 weeks I'm perfectly fine with that.
Wedding ring on or off:  On.
What I miss: I'm by no means a drinker..I'd have the occasional drink, but now that I'm pregnant all I want is a bloody mary or a blue moon.  The smell of beer makes my mouth water.
What I am looking forward to: Finding out the gender of the babes!
Nursery: Nonexistent
Emotions:  Depends on the day, but I've been pretty happy.  Laughing up a storm at Ian's jokes, which rarely happens...well because he's not funny, I'm the funny one.  ;) Kidding!  If I'm sad or upset though, the tears fall freely.
Next Doctors Appointment: Jan 8th with Dr. S!

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