Another year has come and gone, and I'm left asking myself, "Where did the time go?"  It's like two blinks and the year goes by super fast.  One blink I have a baby/toddler who is babbling, in need of a haircut...two blinks he's now a toddler with attitude, talking, charming mister who tries to stall going to bed at night.  

Max, I love watching you grow each day and seeing what fun/trouble you can get into around the house.  I've loved watching your little hand grow with each crafty project we've done for the holidays.   I've loved hearing your sweet voice go from babbles to fierce "I do it!" or your sweet "Love you, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyondddd!"   We've had a wonderful, full of fun year as a family of 3.  I can't wait to see you as a big brother to your sister.  Hopefully you are as sweet to her as you are to K. :)  I love you, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond!

Ian, you have grown and changed so much this year as well.  You went from an Account Executive (I think that was your title) to a Manager for Inside Sales with the Coyotes.  I think you've flourished in this role, and I'm so proud of you.  You've also taken a love for running and are training for the half marathon in January.  I have to say though, it makes me a tad bit jealous I'm not running it with you. You are such a great Daddy to Max, and the kid adores and loves you to the moon and back.   Once our Little Miss blesses us with her presence, she is going to be such a Daddy's Girl.  Thank you for all the memories this year...from Reno, to Canada, and Alaska, to just bringing me a glass of water when my morning sickness was bad.   Not many people could do that...I so couldn't do that for you because I'd end up puking as well.  Thank goodness you don't get morning sickness!  One more mushy thing to you to end this great year. I love you

Me....well I'd like to think I've changed this year.   I hope that I became a better mom as each day went by.   Health wise or eye wise we've had major improvements in that department.  Not eating meat has been hard, especially this pregnancy when all I want is a cheeseburger!  No inflammation in my eyes, means no stress, which means I'm one happy camper...which means no cheeseburger.   I also went from being a 3rd grade teacher, to working at PCA, to being a SAHM and spending my days with Max and K.  I have LOVED being able to stay at home.  Pure fun and precious time I get with my little man.

I'm sad to see another year end, but so excited for 2013.  We have so many adventures to go on this coming year!  We have two new additions coming to our family (our Little Miss in May, and a nephew in Feb!).   Ian and I will celebrate FIVE years of marriage.   Trips to Seattle and Chicago, and who knows where else!  We are ready for 2013! 

To family and friends, thank you for being a part of our lives and making this year memorable.

 I hope you all have a wonderful New Years and that 
2013 is the best year yet for you and your loved ones!!

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