Blue or Pink??

So last night we went to our friends and opened up our Christmas bag to see which socks would be waiting for us.

Baby W is a GIRL!!!!!
Opening the bag and pulling out the pink socks...we're having a girl. A girl! Mel took a video of the whole thing and we sent it to our famly.  We celebrated with sparking grape juice (for me) and champagne for those who get to enjoy alcohol.  Max was passed out for the night, and slept through all the excitement.  We played a couple games of Sorry where the girls totally kicked butt!  Girl power! 
This morning Ian told Max, "You're having a sister!" and Max says, "No I'm not."  Then Ian told him, "Yes, the baby is a girl!" to which Max responded, "No it's not."  So somebody is in denial.....he has 24 weeks or so to get use to the idea :).  


  1. Awww can not wait to see the new baby in the house right? It will be so adorable they said. So, don't forget to post about your new baby come ^^
    Can't not wait for it!

  2. Congrats! That's so exciting! Everything for little girls is so much fun!

    1. OMG I know!! I was so excited yesterday looking at all the dresses and bows. I'm going to get in trouble! :)