Christmas for 3

Last night we had our family Christmas.  We do this before we go to LC or AK for the holidays.  Max loved opening gifts!  He kept going back for more.  It didn't matter that the gift said for Daddy, he wanted to tear the paper off the package and hand it to Daddy.  He calmed down a little, but he's favorite part was unwrapping the gifts.  He would get super excited when he would see what was under the wrapping paper.  I mean, yells, Ohhhhs, squeals of delight.  It was so cute.   This kid makes my heart so happy

Christmas 2012

He was sitting so nice, but inside he was
itching to tear those presents open!

He got some awesome Cars skates with knee pads
that he had to try the very second he opened them up! 


  1. How did you do that tree picture? I love it!!

  2. Photoshop app for the iPhone. :)