Christmas Marshmallows

I was on Pinterest looking at some holiday treats to do with the kiddos.  I found this one where you take jumbo marshmallows, dip in chocolate, and then sprinkles.  I thought that would be fun for the kiddos.  Instead of using jumbo marshmallows, I used the mint medium sized ones. (I didn't want them to get too sugared up)  I melted chocolate chips in little bowls for them.  Poured some red and green sprinkles for them to decorate their yummy treat with, and let them at it.  Well, I showed them how to do it first, which took great patience on their part because they were itching to grab the marshmallows and eat away!  To say they had fun is an understatement!  Each marshmallow (they got 5) they ate, tasted better than the one before.  At least that's what I got from their stuffed little mouths and the "Mmmm" coming out.  Once they were done they were a giggling mess.  Watching them run around, scream, laugh, sing at the top of their lungs is having me question how many marshmallows I gave them.......

Max was so proud of his snowman.
Every snowman needs a friend.  K's foot is so tiny compared to Max's big footprint.

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