Christmas Wrap-up

Well hello bloggy friends!  I'm here!  I know I still need to do an 18 week bump update, which I hopefully get to later today.  We've had a busy few days.   We went to Las Cruces to spend Christmas with my family. 

While there we......
went to an NMSU basketball game.  I never went to many in college.  Back then I was all about tailgating and football.  Go figure.   At the game they had Santa there to be paparazzied by parents like me. We took three pictures and Max would not smile.  I think Santa creeps him out a bit.  He did enjoy the candy cane and saying goodbye to the jolly guy.   He also enjoyed the game!  NMSU won, and we were all happy!  I bought an NMSU shirt while there, happily telling the nice lady that I graduated back in 2005 (wow I'm old!) and she kindly smiled, but I don't think she cared at all.  At the start of the game they hung a bear, which was the mascot of the team we played.  It was kind of scary.  It hung right between the flags, so we stared at it through the National Anthem.  Bit much, if I do say so myself.  

We also....
went bowling!  They had little shoes for Max to wear.  Oh they were so cute!  Max LOVED bowling!  His first game he scored a 68, but the second game he scored a 90, which even beat my sad score of 71.  I'm not the greatest bowler.   Every time Max was up to bowl, he'd watch his ball slowly make it's way done the lane, clap because pins fell, and then yell "YES!" and do his little arm pump.   My kid is so freakin adorable.

We also decorated and ate....
my Mom's amazing sugar cookies.  She seriously makes the best sugar cookies I've ever had.   It was about 10:00 at night and we were in full force decorating the cookies.  At first Alicia and I were trying to be all cutesie and artistic, but then we eventually lost the loving feeling of decorating.  Antonio and my Dad helped as well.  Max and Ian helped...well eating them.  

We also made my Grandma Molly's Chocolate Peppermint Bars.  I, of course, forgot to take pictures while making them.  When I think of Christmas, I think of these peppermint bars.  I remember frosting them with red and green frosting with my cousin, Jose.   I was super excited to make them.  My Mom and Dad started making them because I took a nap with my little man.  I did help once I woke up, and you better believe I helped eating them.  So. Good.  I tell you, it's like Christmas in your mouth.

Max also had a play date with his cousin, Jax.  We didn't take pictures. (I know, bad!)  Max loved all of Jax's toys, especially the ones Jax was playing with.  There was definite reminding of sharing going on for that little boy.  (My boy that is)  We also got to meet sweet Jaylee, who is just 5 weeks old.  I forgot how tiny newborns are....made me so excited about the little bun in my oven.   Jaylee is so flippin adorable.  She is a spitting image of her Daddy.  We had fun on our play date, and Max and Jax were able to see each other a lot more at Grandma Grace's as well.

Christmas Eve...

was family fun.  I love my parent's Christmas tree.  It's always so pretty.  We opened gifts at home before heading to Grandma Grace's.  Max was excited with every gift he opened.  He'd yell, "Oh my gosh!"  "Carssss!"  "Choo-choo trainnnnn!"  He was beyond excited.  Pure happiness watching his excitement. 

Christmas day Ian and I went to church.  The priest was Father Ray.  He married us 4 1/2 years ago, so it was really special to celebrate Christmas mass with him.

Joaquin got this gift for Christmas from his parents, and Jax loved it.  Max saw Jax playing with it, and wanted to love it too.  Jax, being the sweet kiddo he is, let Max play with it.  I think my kid pretty much thought it was his toy after that.  He'd try and make a basket, then say "Yes! I did it!", and go around and high five his cousins.  My son is a show off.

I hope you all had a wonderful, fabulous, Merry Christmas with your loved ones! 

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