Finger painting fun...more like soaking the paper with water.  So Max won't be a finger painting artist, he can for sure be a water soaking paper artist.

Loving: I love that I get to stay home and spend my days with Max and K.  It's so much fun to watch them play, hear them giggle, and listen in on their conversations. 

Reading: I'm currently not reading anything.  Boo!!  I need to find a good book or series to get into, but until then I will read gossipy magazines, and which ever book Max brings to me to read to him.

Watching: All my favorite shows had a winter finale...when did that start?  I'm loving all the Christmas movies on Hallmark.  I could easily put it on that channel and leave it there all day.  Oh and I love my GH..soapy, cheesy, predictable, I could so be a writer for, soap opera.

Listening to: Children's Christmas station on Pandora.  Max and K love it!   Can you believe I haven't listened to NSYNC's Christmas cd?! 

Thinking about: Why people are so quick to judge.  I know I'm plenty guilty of this, but when it comes to family and friends....sometimes someone just needs support and love not judgement. I think we all need to think about how our comments truly affect those that we love.

Looking forward to: Seeing my family this weekend!! 

Making me happy: Hearing good news from friends, having a healthy family, finding out Baby W is a girl,  seeing all the cute girly clothes at Target, watching Max and K, who are the best of friends. 

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