Doogie Howser

So today was my doctor appointment.  I didn't see my normal doctor because of the ER fiasco on Tuesday.  They took me back the minute I got there, but then I waited for about half an hour before this new guy came in.  I can't remember his name, but we'll call him Doogie Howser, because I'm certain he was younger than me...not that there is anything wrong with that.   We talked about my ER visit and without going into detail, because I'm sure the blog world doesn't need to know or want to know, he was shocked that I wasn't kept in the hospital for a couple days.  Then said I was diagnosed wrong (story of my life).  Freak me out!  The more he talked, the more freaked out and stressed I was getting.  Then midway through his lecture ( I should have gone to the hospital that I'm going to deliver in, but I was so sick I went to the one close to my house. Oops) he stops to tell me how well Max is playing Angry Birds on the iPad.   Thank you Doogie, I taught him well.  

Then he hands me these brochures that have to do with the 3rd trimester and after baby comes.  Dude, I just started my 2nd trimester...let me enjoy it.  The one awesome paper he handed me and I liked him for that split second, was the order for my ultrasound to see the bambino and figure out if Max is having a sister or brother.  I can't wait!  I have to call tomorrow and set it up.  Yay! 

So Doogie managed to freak/stress me out and make me happy all in a span of 15 minutes!  Oh, and then we heard the baby's heartbeat.  Max pointed to his ear, and said, "Listen."  Then we heard it and he got so excited.  I don't know if it's because he heard the heartbeat or figured out he could turn on a light with a wave of his hand.  The heartbeat was 156.  It's so crazy how much you can love someone when you haven't met them yet. 

I hope future doctor visits don't include Doogie.  He's perfectly nice, but I don't want to be freaked out again.  So next appt is with Dr. S.  ;)  What an eventful week this has been.   With that, Happy Thursday!!

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