First Time on Skates

This Saturday Max put on his first pair of skates and took to the ice.   Well before that fun he met the big jolly guy.  Max was not impressed.  He was napping on the way to the arena and we had to wake him up, so I think he was still a bit groggy.  There were no smiles.  When Santa, "Ho Ho Ho"ed Max just stared at him.  Then he took a picture surrounded by the pack dancers and not even their colorful pompoms made him smile.

Then he put on his first pair of skates and our groggy little boy was so happy and excited.  He looked so stinkin' cute in the little skates.  When Ian put him on the ice he pretty much loved it.  Ian skated around with him, had him sit in the penalty box, and let him skate while holding his hands.  Max was soaking it all in.  He handled getting off the ice really well.  No tantrums.  True hockey player in the making.

The minute we got home he ran and got his hockey net, stick, puck and started playing hockey.   My little hockey player.

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  1. that is soo precious. absolutely love it!