Gender Predictions

  • Is baby's heartbeat above or below 140 bpm? Above, it was 164-165 at the ultrasound appointment, and has been consistently above.
  • Are you craving sweet or salty? Sweet all the time, but I do crave salty as well.
  • Did you have morning sickness? Yes or No? Yes, but I also had morning sickness with Max.
  • Are you moody or happy? Moody and happy...poor Ian.
  • Is your skin soft or dry? umm...I guess more on the dry side.   
  • Do you sleep on the right or left? Both, but more so on my right
  • Chinese calendar prediction. boy
  • Is your skin clear or have you been breaking out?  Normally my skin is clear, but since Ian knocked me up I've been breaking out.
  • Do you have headaches? YES

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  1. These tests are always so fun!

    Thanks for linking up at The Tuesday Baby Link Up. We hope to see you back next week!