Girl or Boy??

When I was pregnant with Max we decided that we were going to find out what we were having in front of family and friends.  We bought a pair of girl socks and boy socks.  We placed them into a bag, and then when we went to find out the gender, we had the technician place the bag with the socks that went with our baby into a separate bag and remove the sticky notes.  With this baby we're not suppose to find out the gender until Jan 7th, but my lack of patience got the better of me.  I want to be able to tell family for Christmas whether Baby W is a girl or boy.   So we're going to do the same thing with this little one. 
We're finding out tomorrow, December 14th.   Then we're going over to our friends house and we're going to open a Christmas bag to see what our little gift is....I CAN'T WAIT!!! 
For the record, I'll be happy if this little one is a girl, and I'll be just as happy if this little one is a boy.  Last night I asked Max if he was having a brother what should we name him.  He said Mater (from Cars).  Mater Daddy.  If he's having a sister he wants to name her Jbo Pap-pap Mum-mum .  We couldn't stop laughing, because he was being so serious.  I will say it right now.  Neither one of those names will be the name of our baby.  :) 
*I wrote this on Thursday.  At this very moment we know the gender of Baby W.  We'll share the news later today or tomorrow.  By we I mean me. :)  Might as well vote so those of you who guess right can say, "I knew you were having a ___!"

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