What's in a Name?

When we were pregnant with Max, that's the only boy name we had.  Now the only girl name I have (which is one that I loved when I was pregnant with Max before we knew for certain that he was a Max) is Ava.   Does Ian like the name? No.  Do I like the name?  More like I love the name.   Ian, Jen, Max and Ava.  Flows right?  Well, in my mind it does.   :)   If the lovely name doesn't grow on Ian it's good that we have backups.  As of right now...there are no backups.  Luckily we still have plenty of time to come up with a list.   It's just hard, because when you throw out a name, and you think of someone that you once knew, it ruins that name for you.  I was a teacher for 7 years and had many students with many names.  There will be many names we will not use.  Ha!

Then there's the whole, "Do we share the name we pick before baby comes or wait until baby gets here?"  When we chose Max there were people who let us know they didn't like his name (even after he was born!).  It was hurtful and rude.  There are names that people in this world picked for their children that we weren't sure of, but we would never make comments about it, because it's not our place or our kid.  They obviously gave thought to the name and it means something to them, so who are we to make them feel like crap for choosing a name that wouldn't make our list of fav names?  Now when we look at Max...he's definitely a Max, and I couldn't picture him with any other name.   So in a few months if we decide to share the baby's name or when we introduce her to you and call her by name, if you don't like her name...please keep it to yourself.  Unless I tell you we're going to name her after a fruit or toy, then you can tell me something.   If you ask Max and he gives you a name, don't believe him.   He's still convinced we're going to name her Mater and she's a boy.


  1. yes! People can be so rude. What makes anyone think it's OK to tell a mother/father to be that the name they will call their child is ugly etc??

    I LOVE the name Ava. LOVE LOVE LOVE it! But I'm sure you'll find something you both love. I'm so excited for you. A boy AND a girl. You get the best of both worlds :)

  2. First of all I'm with Max. Mater is a GREAT name!! haha j/k. I do love cars though. I think AVA is a great second choice. :) Who cares what people think of the name y'all choose. I know when G and I have kids ppl are not going to like our name choices.