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Two posts in one day!  I'm breaking blogging rules.  I'm linking up with one of my favorite bloggers, the lovely Jena over at Recently Roached.  I get to choose just one picture that sums up 2013.  I love taking pictures, and the momarazzi that I am, I have my iphone in hand ready to take a picture and then instagram it.  Because that's what I do.

This not only sums up my year, but it's my heart.  We finally met our sweet girl who completed our family.  The love in this picture, the happiness....2013 was good to us.

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7 Months

It's the last day in 2013 and also the day that Emma turns 7 months!!  She was much more excited about turning 7 months than she was turning 6 months.  

Emma Facts
-Sleeping through the night is something of the past.  She wakes now at least twice a night.  
-She is still toothless, but teething up a storm.
-She gets on her knees and rocks back and forth, but hasn't quite figured out how to crawl.  She rolls if she wants to get anywhere.
-Holy tantrum when you take away something she wants to play with.  She threw up this morning and was playing with her puke.  I cleaned it up, and the crying, arching back, diva came out.  Who knew playing with puke was fun?  Emma did. 
-She is not a fan of mashed potatoes.  Is she my daughter?! 
-She baby talks nonstop, and I think she's going to be a chatter box when she's older.  Sorry future teachers.
-She celebrated her first Christmas, and she loved opening gifts and putting said gift straight to her mouth.
-Her favorite item of the month is her Sophie teether she got from Grandma and Grandpa.  She chomps on it so hard.
-She doesn't like to share.  Max tries to play with her toys, and she starts to cry, cry, cry and stops him from touching her items of fun. 
-She loves her Daddy and her face lights up when she sees him.  It's pretty cute. 
-We're still going strong on the breastfeeding, which I'm really happy about...but once she's no longer toothless I'm thinking we'll stop.  I'm scared of her teeth....

I cannot believe my baby girl is 7 months!  We love you Emma girl and the past 7 months have been such a blessing with you in our lives.  You are pretty darn awesome. 

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What a year it has been for us. We went from living in the sunny state of AZ and cheering on the Coyotes, to living in the cloudy (though not as cloudy as I've been told) state of WA cheering on the Sounders.  I went from being 5 months preggers in January to Emma being 7 months on December 31st.  

Max has grown so much this year!  He has gotten taller, funnier, sweeter, smarter, went from being a single child to an awesome big brother!  He started preschool, learned to play soccer, made friends in his classes, and turned the big 3 this year.

Ian ran a half marathon at the beginning of the year, got a new job that he is flourishing at, went from being a wonderful Daddy to one to being a wonderful Daddy of two!

I went from being pregnant (and actually enjoying my pregnancy), to being over due (but still enjoying my pregnancy), I'm now a Mommy of two, ran the Color Run that wasn't so fun with all the hills, enjoying life in the pacific northwest.  (I have yet to go to Forks, but I will.)

Emma went from being a super ninja in the womb to being a girl who can give a good b-slap, and pull hair hard.  She went from a little 7 lb 10 oz newborn to a 20 lb 6 month old who is still toothless despite all the teething going on.  One better pop out soon!

2013 has been so good to us, and I'm excited to see what 2014 holds for the Winklmann family.

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Santa Was Here

These two were so excited for Santa to come on Christmas morning!!

He came!!

Emma had so much fun celebrating her first Christmas!  We did take pictures of her opening her gifts, but they are on Ian's phone and I have yet to get them. 

Grandmom and Grandpa got Max a full Steelers uniform. So. Cute.

Pap-pap and Mum-mum got him a foosball table, which he loves. He'll alternate between playing this and then playing with.....

a TRAIN!  Max was sooo excited to see that Santa left him a train, because that's what he asked the big jolly guy at the Christmas party.  

Emma got this adorable outfit from family in NM.  A mini-peacoat. 
I died. 

Christmas was really great this year, and I'm so happy that my family came up to spend it with us.  Max has had someone to play with nonstop, which he loves.  Emma has been in someones arms the whole time and is soaking up the attention.  I know when they leave tomorrow (NO!!!!!) we're all going to be so sad, and I'm going to have to learn to play foosball while holding Emma to keep the littles happy.

Also on Christmas our friends welcomed a sweet baby boy!!!  He was due to make his appearance on the 12th, but he wanted to be the best Christmas gift his parents were going to get this year.  We get to meet him on Sunday, and I'm so excited!!!

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!!

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Merry Christmas

Ian's company had a children's holiday party at a hotel in downtown Bellevue.  The hotel had a beautiful Christmas tree, so obviously we had to take pictures in front of it...

Since it's all about the kiddos, they had a buffet table that was at their level.  It was so cute!!  Max picked some yummy food to eat, and eat it all he did!  They also had an ice cream bar, hot chocolate bar, clowns making balloon swords, cookie decorating station, and SANTA.  Pretty much kid heaven! 

My beautiful girl waiting to meet Santa.

Emma's like, "WTH, why is this guy holding me?"

Emma messing with a not so impressed Max.

My family is here!!    I'll be sharing more later, but I'm going to spend time with my family.  You go do the same! Merry Christmas friends!

Merry Christmas!!

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Feels Like Christmas

Last night we made a gingerbread house that any gingerbread man would be happy to live.  Max and Ian were careful with their construction, and Ian was very artistic with the icing.  He informed me that we needed, "...a sturdy foundation."  This was serious house building. I'm sure if we had two it would have turned into a competition.

Once the gingerbread structure was up, he left the decorating to me and Max.  Max kept eating the candy, but I think it ended up looking really lovely, and yummy.

Gingerbread House of 2013

Because it only seemed fitting to take selfie while the boys were building the gingerbread house. 

This morning we woke up to snow!!

Do you want to build a snowman?

J: Max, what do you want to name your snowman?
M: M-A-X like me!

Today starts a busy weekend with holiday parties, seeing friends and family, finishing wrapping gifts (blah!), and seeing Santa! Max is excited, and Emma is just happy.  

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My sweet, imaginative, trouble maker, loving boy.  You are growing up so fast.  I love watching you discover new things every day.  This weekend you decorated a box with your Daddy, and turned it into your own Christmas house.  You want to eat, play, and have Emma go in there with you.   You knock on the door and say, "Who is it?  Come in!"  

You've also taken a liking to DisneyJr.com and love to play games on there...in Spanish.  My bilingual muchacho. 

Yesterday you accompanied me into the dressing room while I tried on dresses, and I had taken pictures of me to show Daddy.  I didn't notice what you were doing by me until after when Daddy was looking at the pictures!  You are one silly boy.

You are blessing to us Max, and we are thankful for you every day!!

I love you forever, to the moon and back, to infinity and beyond. 

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Ice Cream Cone Tree

This happened.  Max enjoyed decorating the ice cream cone.  I let him eat it, which I thought he would love, but he took one bite and declared, "I don't like it Mommy." 

This little girl, who has taken three naps all before 4 pm, had her first taste of frosting.  I'd say she liked it.  A lot. 

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Double Whammy

Being sick sucks, but throw in a sick 6 month old and you have a double whammy.  I felt bad yesterday when I woke up, and Emma started to sniffle last night. Before 9 in the AM today we've already steamed up the bathroom 3 times.  The poor baby girl is so congested.  It's a sad sight.  I'm super congested as well....and that's a scary sight.  I hope this is only a couple day thing, because I have things to do!

This weekend was a busy one.  We Ian decorated the outside of our place.  We wrapped presents.  We got some of our Christmas cards done.  We drove around to look at Christmas lights.  We Ian and Max went ice skating.  Emma and I watched and then the lucky girl fell asleep.

We also watched the Steelers play some good football.  So the husband was happy, Max was jumping up and down, and the girl and myself napped through most of the game.  Go Steelers!

Now it's Monday.  I have a few choice words for Monday, but I'll refrain.  I told Max when he says bad words he has to sit in timeout.  He's on a roll with bad words.  Dammit is his favorite.  I'm just happy he chose that one to repeat and not that 4 letter word his Daddy is always saying.  Yes, he chose the word that I rarely say.  Of course.  He also says stupid, thanks to Charlie Brown.  Potty mouth that kid.

These two melt my heart. Max's face...the kid loves being on the ice. 

This girl...I love her. 

Max's snowman foot now has a little friend!

Today we're going to pretend I'm not sick and decorate an ice cream cone tree and make a fingerprint candy cane.  

I'm on my 4th cup of green tea, and the girl is on her second nap of the day.   I hate being sick. 

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Sparkle is the name we gave to our Elf.  I think I was more excited about doing Elf on the Shelf this year, than Max was to see Sparkle that first day.  After he warmed up to her being around the house, he got a little too comfortable with her.  The whole "she watches and goes to tell Santa how you're behaving" meant nothing to him.  Sparkle lasted a whole 5 days.  His behavior took a turn for the not so good, so Sparkle now has to stay at the North Pole.  He's asked about her a couple of times, but I don't think he's quite ready for that concept yet.  Maybe next year.

And so it begins.....

The look on his face...poor kid.  I'm all about traumatizing him this month.  First the Elf, and the smoke detectors.  He's going to have nightmares for life. #momfail

"What's the 'S' for?"-Ian
Umm...her name is Sparkle.

"Why is Sparkle on top tree?"-Max

I thought Sparkle with Timbits was a brilliant idea, until the next day when Max saw Sparkle and she didn't have sugar for him to eat.  "Where my treat Mommy?"

In other news I had my eye doctor appointment yesterday.  I really like Dr. F, and he pops in a breath mint before getting super close to my face. Very thoughtful.  They had to check the pressure in my eyes a few times because the poker thing (no worries, they numb my eye before poking) was way off.  He told me my eyes were fantastic, which I heard as fan 'freaking' tastic!  Always exciting when I hear good news on the eyeballs. 

Today I started 12 Days of Christmas for the husband.  I'm super excited about this (thank you Pinterest. Of course.)  I started off with a classic Christmas movie.  Home Alone.  We'll be watching that tonight.   Did you know it came out in 1990?  I feel old. 

I'm so excited for next week!  My family decided to make the long drive and come spend Christmas with us!  My Dad finally gets to meet Emma!

I leave you with a couple quotes from Max during the VS Show (judge away).  It was the second strutting down the runway and he says, "(sigh) More underwear?"  Then they do a close up of one of the not human angels and says, "Oh! She's wearing a pull-up!"  Laugh we did. 

Happy Friday friends. 

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When I stopped eating meat, it was hard.  I loved cheeseburgers, and when I was pregnant with Emma that's all I wanted to eat.  Some days it's easy to go about my day and not have meat, but other days it's down right tough not to go buy a steak and grill that baby up.  When Gardein offered me a chance  to try out their meat-less products I was excited to do so, because veggie burgers get old.

Ian went shopping this past week and grabbed 5 different bags of Gardein products.  They have many different choices and new products that would be great for holiday parties.   What I liked about the product right off the bat is that the bags are resealable, so I don't have to eat the whole thing at once, but it's so good you just might.  Also on the bags it gives you a meal idea, which is fantastic! 

When I tried the crispy tenders, I had also made Max chicken strips and swapped one out.  He didn't even notice.  He ate it right up. (High five Gardein!)  I made a chicken wrap from the meal ideas off their website.  Beyond delicious.  I've also tried the beefless strips, and mixed it with brown rice.  So good that I ate the leftovers the next day!  

So meat eaters and nonmeat eaters alike, go grab yourself some Gardein, check out their website, and make yourself some yummy meals! 

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