Bumpity Bump Day

How Much Longer: 17 weeks to go!!
Baby Size: Grapefruit (In case you were really wondering my uterus is the size of soccer ball.)
Maternity Clothes:  Still mixing and matching.  (Happy dance!)
Stretch marks: None.
Weight gain:  11.5 lbs.  (I'm surprised it's not more because I've been feeding my chocolate obsession.)
Sleep:  Meh. (I knew all my bragging about sleeping so good was going to jinx myself.  I all of a sudden cannot get comfortable.  It's miserable.)
Best Moment of the Week:   Max feeling the Little Miss kick. (Make my heart burst with love.)
Movement:  She's a moving, grooving girl.
Food Cravings:  Chocolate.   (I don't think I need to explain this one again.)
Gender:  Girl!
Belly Button in or out: In, but I'm telling you now if it pops out (freaky) I'm putting a band-aid over it.  Maybe I have an outtie belly button phobia.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  There has been no queasy feeling or sickness in quite some time. (knock on wood.)
Labor Signs: .None.
Wedding ring on or off:  On.
What I miss:  Caesar (The drink that is.  Our Canadian friends are coming next week and I won't be able to have the yummy, mouth watering drink.)
What I am looking forward to: Getting Little Miss's bedding in the mail!  
Nursery: Still pinning away, but we know the colors.  Now to get crafty with the decor.
Emotions:  All emotions this week...more so pissed than happy though.  (Not with Ian, so don't you Ian fans worry :))
Next Doctors Appointment: Next week!


Our Weekend + Monday

Max felt his sister kick for the first time.  The look of 
surprise on his face was priceless.  He got close to my
belly and talked to her, and then she let out a hard kick.
I'm pretty sure he fell in love right that moment.  He kept
coming back to my belly to feel her kick.  Love.

22w3d belly, and yes I'm so that girl who takes "selfies" in the bathroom mirror.
There's no questions about it...I promise after this baby comes I will stop. 
I had a purpose for this pic though, 1) to show off the bump. obviously. 2) to 
ask my friends on Instagram if I should cut my hair.  I have the itch to cut it.  The
 consensus, it grows back.  Very true statement.  So we'll see if I chop it off, or 
just leave it long....I don't know.

Oh I snuggled up to this boy and took a long nap.  His
two favorite cars joined us.  I love napping with Max.

We also went to a hockey game.  They lost to the Kings.  BOO!  Howler came right up to Max to say hi, but I think the utter look of fear on his face let Howler know just to wave and keep walking.  

It rained all weekend and I loved it!  It was snuggle on the couch, drink hot chocolate (or really coffee), watch movies or read, and take in the lovely weather.  Max loved the rain too.  He wanted to go out and play in it, with no shirt on.  He's a dare devil, who most likely would have gotten sick, so I told him no.  The word no is like a badword to him.   You never know if you're going to get the sweet, "Okayyyy." from him or a full blown tantrum.    

We also got to have dinner with my cousin, Lawrence, who is in town recording some music.  Cool huh?  He has an album out too.  Check it out HERE.  

Our Monday....

Monday we made a Valentine's Day art.  Look at that 
smile on his face.  He was pretty happy with his hearts.

Somebody loves his Jake bandana from his Halloween costume. 
K even got in on the bandana wearing, but it didn't quite match
with her bow.

Max and K went on a morning walk.  It was a bit
chilly, but there were puddles.  Puddles makes any
chilly day better. 
50,000 names...there has to be ONE we
can agree on...I hope. 

I hope you had a fabulous weekend and even better Monday!!



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I've made three cards so far for Valentine's Day, and it's the easiest thing to do, and the cards come out awesome!  I'm so excited for those that I've made them for to get them in the mail!!  

Love, Love, Love!!!


Flourless Pancakes

I first saw flourless pancakes on this awesomely, cool blog that has become one of my favorites.  You may have heard of it, Camp Patton.  If not, you should go check it out.  You will love it, I promise!

So as I was saying I was catching up on Grace's blog and I saw a post about flourless pancakes.  It only has two ingredients.  TWO!  One banana and one large egg.  Sounds pretty easy, and they looked like your normal pancakes when they were done.  I never got around to making them though.  Then I was on Pinterest (shocker) and there's a recipe floating around about flourless pancakes.  I took it as a sign that I needed to make them.  So I did!

I, or course, spiced it up by adding strawberries to my pancake, and I left the kiddos pancake plain.  Let me just say that this was the easiest thing to make, and dare I say it's fool proof.   You can find Grace's post on this yummy goodness HERE, and the one from Pinterest HERE.

Flourless Pancakes
1. You'll need a banana and one large egg. (If you want to add any fruit or vanilla, by all means do it!)  This morning I cut up some strawberries to add into mine and then had some strawberries on the side.
2. Mush up the banana until it's a mushy, baby food looking mess.
3. Add the egg and mix it all up.
4. Spray pan with cooking spray so it doesn't turn into a hot mess, and add your mix.  I used a 1/4 measuring cup.
5.  Add your fruit of choice, if you wish to do so, and cook until lightly golden brown. (Mine probably could have used a few extra seconds.  When I cooked the kiddos I let each one stay one minute on each side.
5. Serve up and eat, eat, eat! I used sugar free syrup, solely for the purpose of not having the kiddos start their morning on a sugar high.   They had milk, and I had my yummy cup of coffee in my Yotes mug which makes it taste so much better.

I thought they were very tasty and I will definitely make them again.  However, they did not pass the toddler test.  What do 2 year olds know??  All I have to say is they missed out on some good pancakes.



Stole this idea from Erin.   Fun way to end the work week for you workers out there. 

As if you didn't know everything about me already.....

 Age - 30.  30...still sounds weird when I say it out loud, and it looks weird when I have to write/type my age. 
Celebrating the big 3-0!!

Bed size - King size, and I love it!!  Especially when we have a little person by the name of Max join us.  He says he wants to make tents, but really he likes our bed better than his.   He's one sneaky 2 year old. 

Chore you hate - Laundry, specifically the whites.  We have so many white clothes it's ridiculous.  It takes forever and a day (probably because I leave them in the basket for forever) to fold, match socks (where I always have socks that don't have a sock friend) and put a way.  I hate it.  Hate it.

Dogs - None.  I'm not really a pet person.  We have friends that have dogs, and I like them, but I just don't know if I want one.  Ever.  

Essential start to your day - Coffee or green tea, but most often coffee.  

Favorite color - Yellow.  It's just a happy color.  In high school I (my parents) painted my room yellow.  

Gold or silver - Silver, silver, silver.

Height - 5' 5"

Instruments you play - None, but I've always wanted to play the piano.  

Job title - SAHM with the joy of hanging out with Max and K.  
We made binoculars and went looking for birds.

Kids - Max- a 2 year old who loves hockey, chicken nuggets, Mickey Mouse and making tents.  Little Miss- arriving on or around May 29th. She's a dancing queen, ninja kicking, yoga posing baby girl. Hopefully by the time she arrives she'll have a name.
My hockey loving boy.

My Little Miss.

Live - life to the fullest! 

Married - I married this cool guy who stole my heart on June 14, 2008.  

Nicknames - Jen (with one N.  two Ns irk the crap out of me.) Max calls me- Dover, Jen, Mama and Mommy.  

Overnight hospital stays - I had pneumonia back in the day.  I was in a tent.  Kind of cool, but kind of scary.  Then when I had Max.  
Pardon the half dazed look on my face, I 
just gave birth to that precious little boy. 

Pet peeve - Rude receptionists/customer service people (it's a job you chose, and I'd think one of your qualities should be a people person/friendly), Parents at story time who let their children beat up other kids. (I'm not the best mom in the whole world, that would be my mom, but you better believe if Max started beating up some random kid at story time we'd leave or I'd take him and let him know that's not okay.)

Righty or lefty - Righty, but I think writing with your left hand would be cool.  Little things excite me. 

Siblings - A hockey/football loving brother who is so smart, caring, and needs to stop growing.  A stylish, 1D lover, who is too cool and I wish like I could be like her (if I was in 8th grade) sister. 

Time you wake up - First alarm goes off at 6:15 am, but I snooze and the second alarm goes off at 6:30.

University attended - New Mexico State University.  Go Aggies!
Sporting my NMSU shirt when I visited the BFF in Colorado.

Working (hanging out) with my favorite hooker of a friend, Tanya.
(She wasn't a hooker it was a term of endearment we called each other.)

The day I graduated from NMSU!! 

Vegetables you dislike - Brussels sprouts....though I don't think I've ever tried them, they just look bleh.  Mushrooms...are those considered a veggie?  They make me gag. 

What makes you run late - I'm usually that person who arrives 15 minutes early (when I'm by myself).  If it's a family thing, we're usually late.  Just leaving the house with everything we need, and I usually forget something.  

X-rays you’ve had - Too many.   Most recent was when I broke my little toe...well one of my students stepped on my foot and then another stopped in front of me and I jammed it.  It was a train wreck of toe accidents.  

Yummy food - Anything chocolate or covered in chocolate.  I tell you it's a problem. 

Zoo animal favorite - Monkeys and giraffes. 


Pure Cuteness

Yesterday was a busy day for Max.  He played with K, worked on shapes and colors, had outside adventures, and finally saw his Coyotes play some hockey in person.  It was a great day.

Max and K: These two are so much fun to watch.  Max could play hockey all day so he'll bring a hockey stick for K to join in the fun.  She'll play, but can only take so much of hockey.  They love when they "hide" in the corner and I come to find them.  We do this often, and it requires me to scare the crap out of them, but they love it.  I get a good laugh out of it too.   They also spend time in the tent reading books and laughing.

We didn't learn any new letters yesterday so we reviewed the letters A-P with an alphabet puzzle Max got this weekend.  At first they did pretty well, but I'd say by the time we got to G, I was just pointing out the letter for them and letting them put it in the puzzle.    Then we put all the shapes out by color and I had them point to which ever shape and color I said.  They were awesome!!


Then we went outside for some adventures.  They crossed the rock river in our yard like they were crossing a treacherous river out in the wild.   They were in awe of the bird's nest.   They jumped, ran, giggled, drew pictures with side walk chalk, and just had fun.  Pure cuteness.

Later that night Max and I went to the Coyote game.  He was in his jersey ready to see some hockey.  We're walking into the arena and he's saying, "Hockeyyyy!!  Mama hockeyyy!!"  in his melt your heart voice.  Then two grown (rude) men walking behind me say that they can't believe that I would bring a baby to a game he knows nothing about.  Excuse me?!  Did they not just hear what he was saying?  I guess his voice can't melt the coldest, frozen solid of hearts.   I glared at them with my mommy glare, and informed these two jerks that my son loves hockey and then called them assholes.  I know, I know I shouldn't have, but seriously who does that?!  I should have told them to go to my blog and read all about Max loving hockey and going to games since he was 4 weeks old.  It seriously pissed me off though.  I hope they were Columbus fans, because the Yotes beat them 5-1.   I also hope that someone with a kid sat by them and that kid cried and made them miserable through the game.  Okay....I feel better.


22 Down, 18 To Go

How Much Longer: 18 weeks to go!!
Baby Size: Papaya
Maternity Clothes: This week I'm back to mixing and matching nonmaternity and maternity.  (I see this as a small victory! )
Stretch marks: Zip, zilch, zero, nada.
Weight gain:  10 lbs. 
Sleep:  Yes!  (Even though I'm getting really good sleep, I'm also starting to have nightmares.  The latest ones were about breastfeeding and labor.....It was scary.)
Best Moment of the Week:   Watching hockey in person. (I've seriously missed it a lot.) Getting the clothes and shoes I ordered for Little Miss Noname in the mail.  (So freaking adorable...I may have been giddy from the cuteness.)
Movement:  She's having a dance party, practicing ninja moves, and doing yoga moves all day. (I love it!)
Food Cravings:  Chocolate.   (I'm already a chocolate lover, but it's turning into a serious problem. The way an alcoholic feels about their beverage of choice is how I feel about chocolate.  I need help.)
Gender:  Girl!
Belly Button in or out: In, but it's getting closer to the surface which freaks the heck out of me.  (Dear belly button, please stay an innie. Thanks.)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  There has been no queasy feeling or sickness in quite some time.
Labor Signs: .None.
Wedding ring on or off:  On.
What I miss:  My family. (I love when they visit, and hate when they leave.  As does Max.  The sadness in his whiny voice can break even the coldest, frozen solid of hearts.)
What I am looking forward to: Taking Max to the hockey game tonight. (He hung out with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie for the home opener)
Nursery: Still pinning away.
Emotions:  Happy :).  I'm pretty sure if you ask Ian he'd say I've been happy this past week. (I think)
Next Doctors Appointment: Feb. 5th!!



 Loving: Anything chocolate.  Seriously, it's a problem. 
Reading:  FitPregnancy Magazine...hopefully it will help with my chocolate obsession. 
Watching:  The Carrie Diaries...I love Sex and the City, and wanted to check out TCD to see what it's about.  That and I love teeny bopper shows.   
Listening to:  J Timberlake's new song.  I love giving my sister crap for liking One Direction, but I was a die hard NSYNC fan, and will always love Justin Timberlake.  Judge all you want.  
Thinking about: Whether or not I should cut my hair.  It's getting long, and I just feel the need to cut it.  I always regret cutting my hair the day after though....also wondering just how big my belly is going to get this time around.  I feel big, and I still have 18 weeks and 1 day to go. 
Looking forward to:  The day we pick a name for our Little Miss.  We still have nothing.  Nothing.  I want to call her by name already!  I tell Ian a name and his response is, "No, I knew a skanky _______." I think he may have known just a few too many skanks.
Making me happy:  (At this very moment) Listening to Max and K laughing, and feeling Little Miss kick up a storm.   Life is good!

Don't forget to check out the lovely Kara  for her currently posts and any other links. 


Race, Yotes and Max

My family came to visit this weekend.  It's always so wonderful having them here.  Max of course loved every second of the attention he got from each and every one of them.   He loved sitting on his Gramma or Grampa's lap and playing with the iPad or tablet.  He literally could have sat there for hours playing which ever games they had.  He also loved playing with his Auntie and Uncle.  He would of course want to play hockey.

Saturday Ian had to pick up his 1/2 marathon stuff so Antonio and I accompanied him to the Health Expo.  Let's just say being surrounded by hundreds of fit people in workout clothes wasn't the best idea for a pregnant lady.  1.) My belly felt ginormous and probably looked ginormous next to the skinny gals (boo them), and 2.) My outfit stood out like my ginormous belly.  Next health expo I will remember to wear workout clothes, and try to be super fit.   I can at least do the first one.

Sunday Antonio and I got up bright and early to go cheer Ian on at his 1/2 marathon.  There were thousands and thousands of people.  It was pretty amazing to see people of all ages running the race.  To feel the energy...it was awesome.   When Ian crossed the finish line I was so proud of him.  I felt a lump in my throat and the tears about to fall.  He had run 13.1 miles. 13.1.  We yelled and cheered for him, and rang the obnoxious cow bells they were handing out.  When we met up with him, I gave him a hug not caring that he was a sweaty mess.   I'm so proud of him.  

Last night the Yotes had their home opener, which I had been so excited about and couldn't wait to see them on the ice.  In one game we saw the pacific division champions banner being raised, they introduced the team, we saw a fight, a sick goal from our captain Shane Doan, a person in the stands fainted, and a sold out house.   Sadly we lost, but I believe that our boys will bounce back.   Little Miss enjoyed the game and was moving nonstop.  Maybe a future Coyotes fan....

Ian getting his bib for the race!!
13.1 miles DONE!

Go Coyotes!!! 


I don't know how I feel about this helmet.

Smiling at his Auntie, and striking a pose.




So my little man woke up with a stiff neck.  He was a hot, crying mess, and wouldn't stop saying, "Owie, owie, owie!!!"  Break. My. Heart.  I called his pediatrician who asked if he had a fever or had been vomiting because it could be meningitis.  Yikes!!!   No fever or vomiting.  He said most likely he slept wrong, and to set up an appointment later in the day if he doesn't start feeling better. So I did just that.  I call, and the nice receptionist tells me that the next available appointment is Monday.  MONDAY!  She asks me if that's okay....ummm NO.    We ended up taking a trip to the urgent care.  He did an awesome job.  He was able to move his head for the nice doctor, and tell her where it hurt.  She said he has swollen lympnodes, which can cause pain.  Sad, sad, sad.  So maybe all this grumpy visits from Mr. Fussypants was actually him coming down with some sort of virus.  Curse you sickness!!  

We of course got ice cream on the way home.  He got swabbed for strep, so I figured I had to make up for him almost vomiting.  I also treated the Little Miss to ice cream as well.  I have to be fair to the siblings right?  He enjoyed about 3 spoons of the sweet yummy goodness, and then fell asleep. 

Now we are watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (he doesn't realize you only watch this at Christmas time) and The Mighty Ducks (aka The Hockey Movie) for the bazillionth time.   On a happy, happy note:  My family gets in tonight for the weekend, Ian's 1/2 marathon (which he is totally going to kick 13.1 miles butt) is this weekend, hockey starts tomorrow, and Coyotes home opener is Sunday.  Now I just need my little man to feel 100% better.  

I hope you have fabulous weekend!!!


Crayon Hoarder

Max had a somewhat better day.  He only went to timeout twice.  All before noon, but never made it to three times, so we'll take it as a win.  Him and K also picked up all the toys in his toy room, and sang the Clean Up Song as they picked up toys/played.  I was giggling watching them, but they got it done and it looks lovely.  It'll be a disaster by tomorrow morning....

Some cuteness for your Thursday.

This was at storytime, and Max was keeping his eye on the 
bully to make sure she didn't come his way.

They call me Potter. Harry Potter. 

Max started off with coloring his owl nicely, and then slowly took all 
the crayons from K (he may be a crayon hoarder).   He loved his owl at 
the end, and that is now the word of the day.  We walked
 outside, "Owl Mama!"  "Owl, owl, owwwwwl!!!!"   All afternoon


Mr. Fussypants

Mr. Fussypants seemed to have missed me, and decided that he was going to spend the whole day with me.  He went to timeout 3 times today.  Why you ask?  He tortured K all day and tried to take her blankie for her Woody doll, he poured his water on the table and was splashing in it, he threw his legos at me and the mirror hanging on the wall when he got mad, he was screaming bloody murder when I didn't let him go outside when we had company, him and K were throwing basketballs at each other but his was an actual basketball and hers was a soft one (he aimed at her head), and he was just a hot grumpy mess.  On a positive note, he went potty in the potty and we danced and hugged, and Max was back.  Mr. Fussypants seems to have gone back on vacation.  I'm not sure for how long, but I'm hoping for awhile. ;)

Bump Day!

I swear I don't only own black tshirts.  I'll add some color next week. 

How Much Longer: 19 Weeks! (I'm counting down, because that seems way more exciting to me, and makes me feel like I won't be pregnant forever. )
Baby Size: Pomegranate
Maternity Clothes: Big ole' yes to this. (Though I'd much rather be wearing my pjs all day.  Don't judge.)
Stretch marks: No, but they have 19 weeks to make their lovely appearance. 
Weight gain:  9.75 (Haha, just kidding.  I'm at a whopping 10 lbs.  Though today I just feel big.)
Sleep:  Yes!  (I know what it feels like to sleep again.  So much in fact, that I don't want to wake up in the morning.  I'm probably jinxing myself with bragging about my lovely nights of catching much needed z's)
Best Moment of the Week:  Taking Max and K to story time at the library. (Ridiculously cute. and they witnessed a fight and how not to act.   Everything is a learning lesson. ) I also got my sewing machine in the mail, which I was super excited about and I can't wait to sew something...even though I have no idea how to use a sewing machine. 
Movement:  Yes!  We're so close to Max feeling her kick. 
Food Cravings:  None. (After I gave in to the peach cobbler craving, there's been nothing.  Ian had a craving for something sweet the other night. Maybe he's getting my cravings now. )  It's not really a craving, like I have to eat it right this second, but I could eat avocados for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Everyday. 
Gender:  Girl!
Belly Button in or out: In, but I have this awful feeling that it's going to pop out. I swear that freaks me out beyond freaking out. 
Anything making you queasy or sick:  Nope! (Knock on wood.)
Labor Signs: .I had my first Braxton Hicks contraction, and I'm not sure if it's normal to have them this early.  I don't remember them hurting with Max, but this one yesterday hurt like a mother effer.
Wedding ring on or off:  On.
What I miss:  Not having to pee all the time. (ALL THE TIME) I don't remember being like this with Max.  TMI?  It's only pee I'm talking about.  You're lucky I'm not scaring you with other things. (I'm being so serious.)
What I am looking forward to: Getting Little Miss's first pair of shoes in the mail! (Well actually two pairs of shoes, a onesie, and a pair of leggings. I seriously died when I saw the clothes at Old Navy.  Shopping for a girl is so much fun!) The hockey game on Sunday, and my family coming to visit!
Nursery: Still just a thought with a lot of pinning going on at Pinterest.  I may be all pinned out.
Emotions:  Well I thought I've been pretty happy, but if you talk to the husband I've been grumpy.  I'd believe me, not him.
Next Doctors Appointment: Feb. 5th!!


It's Only Tuesday

Some random happenings in the past couple days....

1.) I tripped over the computer cord and fell.  It was pretty awesome, but not really.  I scared Max and K, and they both kept asking if I was okay.  Such sweet kiddos.  Honestly, I was kinda shaken up by it.  Little Miss was bouncing around the rest of the day, kicking me on the inside, telling me to be more careful. 

2.)  At some point yesterday Max and K took my wallet off the table by the couch and decided to play with it.  I realized it was gone around 11:30 last night.  Ian and I looked everywhere.   By everywhere, that includes the trash I had taken out earlier that day.  No wallet, but I did find one of Max's cups.  Ian thought I was losing my mind, but I knew those kiddos took it and put it somewhere.  After we looked everywhere, I went to check the wagon again..  There's a seat that opens up.  There in the cup holder is my lovely wallet.  The one place I wasn't paying attention to....I won't keep my wallet where their grabby hands can reach it now.

3.)  Tonight I decided to put Max in big boy underwear.  He looks so adorable in them.  We talked about how he doesn't want to get Jake wet and he needs to tell Mommy when he has to go potty.  He replied, "Okay Mommy!"  He totally understood me.   The cuteness faded quickly went he went poop in his underwear.  He did finish in the potty, so he did get a sticker for that.  He usually gets 2, but since he went in his big boy underwear, he only gets half.  Mean?  I think not.

4.) This should have been number 3 if I'm going in order, but I only remembered about it right now.  I took Max and K to story time.  There were about 15 kiddos, and that was about 5 too many.  I know kids are kids and they just want to have fun, but it's story time.  You're suppose to sit and listen to the story. (The lady reads good stories, and I'm missing out when those kids are being loud.) One little girl, who was super cute and dressed very stylish,  was a big ole' bully.  She attempted to beat up the girls around her, and got her hands on one of them and gave her a good slap.  Where was mom you ask?  Sipping her Starbucks coffee, which I'm sure was very yummy, not paying attention to her bully of a daughter.   Max and K were so awesome, they got stickers from the story teller.  The story teller lady had to have been a teacher or librarian and is retired now.  She's like a grandma.   Pure awesomeness.  

It's only Tuesday. 



Loving: Looking down at my bump and feeling the Little Miss kicking and stretching.  My bump is also coming in handy when I want to put down the remote or other small objects.  A friend pointed out that crumbs also land on the bump now, and this is so true!!  Some get lost where I can no longer see, then I have a mess on my shirt.  I promise, I know how to eat...it just might look like I don't. 

Reading: I'm currently obsessed with books from not well known authors.  We they aren't known to me anyway.  I just read Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas.  Again, she might be known in the book world, but I just found her books, and I loved this one.  I've also been reading my gossipy magazines. 

Watching:  A Baby Story.  I've seen just about every episode about 5 times, because I watched it while I was pregnant with Max.  I love the show.  GH-I swear the drama just keeps getting better and more predictable, but I love it! 

Listening to:  While at home I'll listen to Pandora, but in the car I just listen to the radio.  Usually country, which I'm loving lately. 

Thinking about: Ian-He's running in a half marathon next Sunday, and I'm so proud of him.  Little Miss-I wonder who she's going to look like.  Max is all Ian (in my opinion), and I wonder if she'll look like him.  I can't wait to see!  Max-I love this kid so much.  He's so smart and caring.  

Looking forward to:  Cheering Ian on at his half marathon, the moment when Max can feel his sister's kicks.  (Oh and the Yotes first home game!!)

Making me happy: Life.  I know sometimes is easy to focus on the negative, but there's too much good in our lives right now.   (Little Miss just kicked to confirm my thinking.  :))

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Letter Love

Max and K are back to learning their letters of the alphabet.  We had made our craft focus holiday activities.  We have Valentine's Day coming up, but we won't start those crafts until February.  So until then we'll finish up the alphabet!  I owe all the crafty ideas to Pinterest...of course. :)

For the letter H, I let them color the H and then glue hearts all over. 

The letter I was fun because after we made it, they ate some! For this letter they decorated the "ice cream scoop" that went on top of their I cone, but they weren't too into the coloring.   A few scribbles and they were done. 

Letter J was suppose to have jellybeans glued on it, but my plan is to frame all the letters once we're done for Max's room, and jellybeans wouldn't work.  They actually started to trace the letter J, and it was awesome to see.  Usually they just scribble, but they were trying to make the letter.  

For the King, they decorated the K, glued on the eyes and crown.  They had no desire to decorate the crown.  They weren't in crafty moods, and would much rather play. 

The letter L has by far been our favorite.  They really enjoyed making ladybugs.  Don't pay attention to the dots.  I suck at cutting out circles. ;)  The kiddos however, thought they were amazing.

For each letter we go over what it is, say it, talk about other words that start with that letter, and then make our craft.    I also have Letter Factory by Leap Frog that the kiddos watch, and they LOVE it!  They repeat the sounds and yell it loud.  They may not recognize all the letters yet, but they are darn good crafty kiddos.   Sorry if this is super boring to some of you...the teacher in me comes out and I feel like I have to explain as if I'm writing a lesson plan. :)