22 Down, 18 To Go

How Much Longer: 18 weeks to go!!
Baby Size: Papaya
Maternity Clothes: This week I'm back to mixing and matching nonmaternity and maternity.  (I see this as a small victory! )
Stretch marks: Zip, zilch, zero, nada.
Weight gain:  10 lbs. 
Sleep:  Yes!  (Even though I'm getting really good sleep, I'm also starting to have nightmares.  The latest ones were about breastfeeding and labor.....It was scary.)
Best Moment of the Week:   Watching hockey in person. (I've seriously missed it a lot.) Getting the clothes and shoes I ordered for Little Miss Noname in the mail.  (So freaking adorable...I may have been giddy from the cuteness.)
Movement:  She's having a dance party, practicing ninja moves, and doing yoga moves all day. (I love it!)
Food Cravings:  Chocolate.   (I'm already a chocolate lover, but it's turning into a serious problem. The way an alcoholic feels about their beverage of choice is how I feel about chocolate.  I need help.)
Gender:  Girl!
Belly Button in or out: In, but it's getting closer to the surface which freaks the heck out of me.  (Dear belly button, please stay an innie. Thanks.)
Anything making you queasy or sick:  There has been no queasy feeling or sickness in quite some time.
Labor Signs: .None.
Wedding ring on or off:  On.
What I miss:  My family. (I love when they visit, and hate when they leave.  As does Max.  The sadness in his whiny voice can break even the coldest, frozen solid of hearts.)
What I am looking forward to: Taking Max to the hockey game tonight. (He hung out with Grandma, Grandpa and Auntie for the home opener)
Nursery: Still pinning away.
Emotions:  Happy :).  I'm pretty sure if you ask Ian he'd say I've been happy this past week. (I think)
Next Doctors Appointment: Feb. 5th!!

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