Blog Addiction

Ian informed me that I'm posting too much.  Umm...we've been doing a lot the past couple weeks, and I love to share with the blog world.   He just asked, "You're writing another blog?  You're like addicted."  Oh my love....thank you for making it sound like I have no life outside of my blog.  Plus, at least I'm addicted to blogging and not something that could harm our unborn child.  Think about that husband.

Anyway, we of course have been having a fun day.  I, of course, snapped pictures because I secretly want to be a paparazzi, and I find Max ridiculously cute.  We went to lunch today at 5 Guys, which I kept calling 5 Brothers.  When we're ordering I ask the super friendly girl behind the counter if they have Veggie Burgers and she said YES.  She made my day!  So I happily order a veggie burger.  Well, their idea of a veggie burger is a cheeseburger minus the burger.  WTH?  I was a tad bit disappointed, but my veggie sandwich was pretty tasty.  Max was in hotdog heaven and was having a fabulous time eating his lunch.  They must have put a whole bottle of ketchup on his hotdog, because it was everywhere.  Max was a ketchup mess.   Ian enjoyed his burger and told me I was turning into a Sally this pregnancy.  I can't handle jalapenos, which I ate by the bottle with Max.  I was dying eating them today.  Like nose running, mouth on fire, why the heck did I ask for jalapenos, sally.  Oh well....

We took Max to the Goodyear Library, which we had never been to.  It's was really cute.  Max played with puzzles, made a friend, and read some books.  I checked out every book and dvd on potty training, and one titled You're Getting A Baby Sister.   I think I'm more excited about all we checked out than Max.   I hope no other parents go looking for potty training books, because I'll have these ones for 21 days, or until Max masters potty time.

This is the best food ever!

I think I need one of these in my room.

Wow, elephants are so cool.

Puzzle pieces Mommy! 

Do you have any potty training tips, tricks, advice?

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