Crayon Hoarder

Max had a somewhat better day.  He only went to timeout twice.  All before noon, but never made it to three times, so we'll take it as a win.  Him and K also picked up all the toys in his toy room, and sang the Clean Up Song as they picked up toys/played.  I was giggling watching them, but they got it done and it looks lovely.  It'll be a disaster by tomorrow morning....

Some cuteness for your Thursday.

This was at storytime, and Max was keeping his eye on the 
bully to make sure she didn't come his way.

They call me Potter. Harry Potter. 

Max started off with coloring his owl nicely, and then slowly took all 
the crayons from K (he may be a crayon hoarder).   He loved his owl at 
the end, and that is now the word of the day.  We walked
 outside, "Owl Mama!"  "Owl, owl, owwwwwl!!!!"   All afternoon

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