Loving: Looking down at my bump and feeling the Little Miss kicking and stretching.  My bump is also coming in handy when I want to put down the remote or other small objects.  A friend pointed out that crumbs also land on the bump now, and this is so true!!  Some get lost where I can no longer see, then I have a mess on my shirt.  I promise, I know how to eat...it just might look like I don't. 

Reading: I'm currently obsessed with books from not well known authors.  We they aren't known to me anyway.  I just read Rainshadow Road by Lisa Kleypas.  Again, she might be known in the book world, but I just found her books, and I loved this one.  I've also been reading my gossipy magazines. 

Watching:  A Baby Story.  I've seen just about every episode about 5 times, because I watched it while I was pregnant with Max.  I love the show.  GH-I swear the drama just keeps getting better and more predictable, but I love it! 

Listening to:  While at home I'll listen to Pandora, but in the car I just listen to the radio.  Usually country, which I'm loving lately. 

Thinking about: Ian-He's running in a half marathon next Sunday, and I'm so proud of him.  Little Miss-I wonder who she's going to look like.  Max is all Ian (in my opinion), and I wonder if she'll look like him.  I can't wait to see!  Max-I love this kid so much.  He's so smart and caring.  

Looking forward to:  Cheering Ian on at his half marathon, the moment when Max can feel his sister's kicks.  (Oh and the Yotes first home game!!)

Making me happy: Life.  I know sometimes is easy to focus on the negative, but there's too much good in our lives right now.   (Little Miss just kicked to confirm my thinking.  :))

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  1. It must be such a special feeling to give your son a sibling. You have so many wonderful joys and memories to look forward to watching them grow.

    Oh and I saw that you're sponsoring from mrs to mama. I love her and her blog. Good choice! ;)

    1. It is pretty amazing knowing that Max is going to be a big brother. I can't wait until she's here to see them together. :)