Loving: Anything chocolate.  Seriously, it's a problem. 
Reading:  FitPregnancy Magazine...hopefully it will help with my chocolate obsession. 
Watching:  The Carrie Diaries...I love Sex and the City, and wanted to check out TCD to see what it's about.  That and I love teeny bopper shows.   
Listening to:  J Timberlake's new song.  I love giving my sister crap for liking One Direction, but I was a die hard NSYNC fan, and will always love Justin Timberlake.  Judge all you want.  
Thinking about: Whether or not I should cut my hair.  It's getting long, and I just feel the need to cut it.  I always regret cutting my hair the day after though....also wondering just how big my belly is going to get this time around.  I feel big, and I still have 18 weeks and 1 day to go. 
Looking forward to:  The day we pick a name for our Little Miss.  We still have nothing.  Nothing.  I want to call her by name already!  I tell Ian a name and his response is, "No, I knew a skanky _______." I think he may have known just a few too many skanks.
Making me happy:  (At this very moment) Listening to Max and K laughing, and feeling Little Miss kick up a storm.   Life is good!

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  1. "I think he may have know just a few too many skanks"

    so funny.

    1. So funny, but really just how many skanks did he know?1 Haha!