Stole this idea from Erin.   Fun way to end the work week for you workers out there. 

As if you didn't know everything about me already.....

 Age - 30.  30...still sounds weird when I say it out loud, and it looks weird when I have to write/type my age. 
Celebrating the big 3-0!!

Bed size - King size, and I love it!!  Especially when we have a little person by the name of Max join us.  He says he wants to make tents, but really he likes our bed better than his.   He's one sneaky 2 year old. 

Chore you hate - Laundry, specifically the whites.  We have so many white clothes it's ridiculous.  It takes forever and a day (probably because I leave them in the basket for forever) to fold, match socks (where I always have socks that don't have a sock friend) and put a way.  I hate it.  Hate it.

Dogs - None.  I'm not really a pet person.  We have friends that have dogs, and I like them, but I just don't know if I want one.  Ever.  

Essential start to your day - Coffee or green tea, but most often coffee.  

Favorite color - Yellow.  It's just a happy color.  In high school I (my parents) painted my room yellow.  

Gold or silver - Silver, silver, silver.

Height - 5' 5"

Instruments you play - None, but I've always wanted to play the piano.  

Job title - SAHM with the joy of hanging out with Max and K.  
We made binoculars and went looking for birds.

Kids - Max- a 2 year old who loves hockey, chicken nuggets, Mickey Mouse and making tents.  Little Miss- arriving on or around May 29th. She's a dancing queen, ninja kicking, yoga posing baby girl. Hopefully by the time she arrives she'll have a name.
My hockey loving boy.

My Little Miss.

Live - life to the fullest! 

Married - I married this cool guy who stole my heart on June 14, 2008.  

Nicknames - Jen (with one N.  two Ns irk the crap out of me.) Max calls me- Dover, Jen, Mama and Mommy.  

Overnight hospital stays - I had pneumonia back in the day.  I was in a tent.  Kind of cool, but kind of scary.  Then when I had Max.  
Pardon the half dazed look on my face, I 
just gave birth to that precious little boy. 

Pet peeve - Rude receptionists/customer service people (it's a job you chose, and I'd think one of your qualities should be a people person/friendly), Parents at story time who let their children beat up other kids. (I'm not the best mom in the whole world, that would be my mom, but you better believe if Max started beating up some random kid at story time we'd leave or I'd take him and let him know that's not okay.)

Righty or lefty - Righty, but I think writing with your left hand would be cool.  Little things excite me. 

Siblings - A hockey/football loving brother who is so smart, caring, and needs to stop growing.  A stylish, 1D lover, who is too cool and I wish like I could be like her (if I was in 8th grade) sister. 

Time you wake up - First alarm goes off at 6:15 am, but I snooze and the second alarm goes off at 6:30.

University attended - New Mexico State University.  Go Aggies!
Sporting my NMSU shirt when I visited the BFF in Colorado.

Working (hanging out) with my favorite hooker of a friend, Tanya.
(She wasn't a hooker it was a term of endearment we called each other.)

The day I graduated from NMSU!! 

Vegetables you dislike - Brussels sprouts....though I don't think I've ever tried them, they just look bleh.  Mushrooms...are those considered a veggie?  They make me gag. 

What makes you run late - I'm usually that person who arrives 15 minutes early (when I'm by myself).  If it's a family thing, we're usually late.  Just leaving the house with everything we need, and I usually forget something.  

X-rays you’ve had - Too many.   Most recent was when I broke my little toe...well one of my students stepped on my foot and then another stopped in front of me and I jammed it.  It was a train wreck of toe accidents.  

Yummy food - Anything chocolate or covered in chocolate.  I tell you it's a problem. 

Zoo animal favorite - Monkeys and giraffes. 


  1. love this idea! (may have to steal it!) we were destined to be friends ;) you're a pretty cool chick!

    1. That's what I think too!! Not hat I'm a cool chick, but that we were destined to be friends. I think that all the time when I'm reading your posts.