Flourless Pancakes

I first saw flourless pancakes on this awesomely, cool blog that has become one of my favorites.  You may have heard of it, Camp Patton.  If not, you should go check it out.  You will love it, I promise!

So as I was saying I was catching up on Grace's blog and I saw a post about flourless pancakes.  It only has two ingredients.  TWO!  One banana and one large egg.  Sounds pretty easy, and they looked like your normal pancakes when they were done.  I never got around to making them though.  Then I was on Pinterest (shocker) and there's a recipe floating around about flourless pancakes.  I took it as a sign that I needed to make them.  So I did!

I, or course, spiced it up by adding strawberries to my pancake, and I left the kiddos pancake plain.  Let me just say that this was the easiest thing to make, and dare I say it's fool proof.   You can find Grace's post on this yummy goodness HERE, and the one from Pinterest HERE.

Flourless Pancakes
1. You'll need a banana and one large egg. (If you want to add any fruit or vanilla, by all means do it!)  This morning I cut up some strawberries to add into mine and then had some strawberries on the side.
2. Mush up the banana until it's a mushy, baby food looking mess.
3. Add the egg and mix it all up.
4. Spray pan with cooking spray so it doesn't turn into a hot mess, and add your mix.  I used a 1/4 measuring cup.
5.  Add your fruit of choice, if you wish to do so, and cook until lightly golden brown. (Mine probably could have used a few extra seconds.  When I cooked the kiddos I let each one stay one minute on each side.
5. Serve up and eat, eat, eat! I used sugar free syrup, solely for the purpose of not having the kiddos start their morning on a sugar high.   They had milk, and I had my yummy cup of coffee in my Yotes mug which makes it taste so much better.

I thought they were very tasty and I will definitely make them again.  However, they did not pass the toddler test.  What do 2 year olds know??  All I have to say is they missed out on some good pancakes.

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