So my little man woke up with a stiff neck.  He was a hot, crying mess, and wouldn't stop saying, "Owie, owie, owie!!!"  Break. My. Heart.  I called his pediatrician who asked if he had a fever or had been vomiting because it could be meningitis.  Yikes!!!   No fever or vomiting.  He said most likely he slept wrong, and to set up an appointment later in the day if he doesn't start feeling better. So I did just that.  I call, and the nice receptionist tells me that the next available appointment is Monday.  MONDAY!  She asks me if that's okay....ummm NO.    We ended up taking a trip to the urgent care.  He did an awesome job.  He was able to move his head for the nice doctor, and tell her where it hurt.  She said he has swollen lympnodes, which can cause pain.  Sad, sad, sad.  So maybe all this grumpy visits from Mr. Fussypants was actually him coming down with some sort of virus.  Curse you sickness!!  

We of course got ice cream on the way home.  He got swabbed for strep, so I figured I had to make up for him almost vomiting.  I also treated the Little Miss to ice cream as well.  I have to be fair to the siblings right?  He enjoyed about 3 spoons of the sweet yummy goodness, and then fell asleep. 

Now we are watching Mickey's Twice Upon a Christmas (he doesn't realize you only watch this at Christmas time) and The Mighty Ducks (aka The Hockey Movie) for the bazillionth time.   On a happy, happy note:  My family gets in tonight for the weekend, Ian's 1/2 marathon (which he is totally going to kick 13.1 miles butt) is this weekend, hockey starts tomorrow, and Coyotes home opener is Sunday.  Now I just need my little man to feel 100% better.  

I hope you have fabulous weekend!!!

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